Stranger Things-Themed Cafe In Japan© Pronto

This Stranger Things-Themed Cafe In Japan Is A Must-Visit For Any Fan

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Through its loveable ensemble of characters and scary themes, Netflix’s Stranger Things has managed to become a global phenomenon. One of the countries where the popularity of the show refuses to wane is Japan.

The show is immensely popular in the country, steadily competing with other Japanese original shows for the top spots even months after its release. This is why it came as no surprise when it was announced that a Stranger Things-themed pop-up cafe is opening up in one of the most popular districts in Tokyo.

Stranger Things-themed cafe entrance©Pronto

Local restaurant chain Pronto partnered with Netflix to open the novelty cafe in the Shibuya district in July. While the pop-up was supposed to shut down at the beginning of September, its popularity amongst local and international fans led to its extension till December.

The cafe is a haven for any Stranger Things fan because it not only features impressive replicas of sets and props from the show, but also features a thoughtfully designed menu modelled on classic American diner dishes that have appeared on the show.

Stranger Things Cafe©Pronto

So you can enjoy food like Eleven’s waffles, Dustin’s favourite ice cream sundae (from Scoops Ahoy, of course), ’80s-style banana shake, along with Surfer Boy pizza. There’s also an original dish modelled after the show’s scary monster, a Black Demogorgon pasta, where roast beef slices are arranged to look like the monster’s head. Just like the show, the cafe also uses popular tracks from the ’80s, including the ones featured on the show, as their playlist.

Stranger Pronto Drink©Pronto

There are many photo-ops around the cafe, including iconic locations of Hawkins and the Byers house with the string lights, and a photo booth where you can pretend a demogorgon is attacking you!

Needless to say, getting a reservation is super hard, especially since the cafe only allows 20 patrons at a time because of COVID-related restrictions. If you somehow managed to land a reservation, then you can enjoy the safest-possible trip around Hawkins and the Upside Down while eating some delicious food.