Sona & Nueva Restaurants Owned by Priyanka Chopra & Virat Kohli© Instagram

5 Popular Indian Restaurants Owned By Celebrities

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

It should come as no surprise that your favourite celebrities often wear multiple hats. While many choose to launch fashion or beauty brands these days, restaurants and pubs are also known to be a favourite for celebrities to invest in.

Consider Priyanka Chopra, who launched Sona, an Indian restaurant, in New York City, in 2021 and it now has a coveted Michelin star. Like PC, there are many other Indian celebrities who are part owners of successful and popular restaurants. So make a note of our list and who knows? Maybe you’ll bump into them the next time you visit the eatery!

From Chopra’s Michelin star restaurant to Chunky Pandey’s gastropub, here are some of the most popular restaurants that are owned by celebrities…

Sona by Priyanka Chopra

Back in March 2021, the Quantico star ventured into the hospitality space with her restaurant Sona. Located in the Flat Iron district of NYC, the restaurant offers a fresh spin on traditional Indian flavours and is often frequented by celebrities like Mindy Kaling, Sophie Turner, and Kal Penn.

Bastian by Shilpa Shetty

One of the most star-studded restaurants in Mumbai, Bastian is a haven for any seafood lover. In 2019, Shilpa Shetty bought a 50 percent stake in the Bastian hospitality chain and opened a restaurant in Worli, Mumbai. The delicious food is complemented by the luxurious gold decor with wooden accents.

Nueva by Virat Kohli

The former captain of the Indian cricket team has been the owner of Delhi eatery Nueva since 2017. The restaurant offers a diverse range of cuisines, from Japanese sushi to South American ceviche and paella. It’s also known for its delicious artisanal cocktails.

Neuma by Karan Johar

The multi-hyphenated Karan Johar added another title to his ever-growing list of prefixes after he became the co-founder of Neuma. Located in Colaba, Mumbai, the restaurant serves traditional European cuisine in a building that’s “disguised as a Portuguese villa”, in Johar’s own words. The food is vegan and the ingredients are locally and ethically-sourced.

The Elbo Room by Chunky Pandey

Chunky Pandey was one of the early celebrity entrants into the F&B sector. In 2009, the actor launched The Elbo Room, a Mumbai-based gastropub that offers exotic cocktails and delicious food, with a side of live music.