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This Company Will Pay You To Drink Wine On An Exotic Vacation, For Science

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

When it comes to dream jobs, there are few that come close to getting paid to do basically nothing in beautiful locales.

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This is exactly what British wine retailer Majestic is offering with their latest ‘job’ listing. The company is looking for someone who will go on a trip across the Iberian Peninsula (basically Spain and Portugal) and drink wine as you chill in scenic locations. The job doesn’t end there, though. You will also be sent home with a case of the same wines you consumed on the vacation and will be tasked to try them at home to see if there is any difference in taste.

The company is conducting an investigation to arrive at the answer to the question of whether or not wine tastes better when you’re on a vacation, while also promoting the latest Wine Club by Majestic selections.

The company will send the future ‘Vintern’ to vacation for three days and cover their flights, and accommodations, while also giving them a daily stipend of £200 (or INR 19,300 approx).

“No previous tasting experience required—just an open mind, a passport, and a love of beautiful bottles,” writes the wine company, “As well as tasting the bottles and enjoying some summer holiday sun, the chosen budding wine taster will also be treated to a visit to some of our Wine Club’s beautiful wineries and vineyards.”

It’s clear that despite this being billed as a job, there’s actually little work required from the ‘Vintern’.

But, and the ‘but’ here is a big one, you have to be a UK resident to be eligible for the job. If you pass that important requirement, then all you need to do is fill out the application form on the company’s website and let the company know what wines you prefer drinking while you’re on a vacation. You also need to write about 200 words on “why you think you deserve the role as well as your opinion on the matter of whether wine tastes better abroad” before midnight August 19. The winner will be contacted on August 22 and the trip will take place in the following September.