Tomato Ketchup© French's

This Company Has Created Ketchup-Flavoured Popsicles And Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Barring a few haters who have no taste, ketchup is a universally beloved condiment. It’s a delicious addition to other delicious foods like French fries, hot dogs, or sandwiches. But that’s exactly what it is. An addition and not the main treat. But as it turns out, American condiment brand French’s decided to test the limits of human endurance by introducing ketchup-flavoured popsicles to the world.

The limited-edition popsicles, which have been named ‘Frenchsicles’, are only available in Canada for free at different pop-up locations across the country.

Created in collaboration with Canadian ice pop brand Happy Pops, these Frenchsicles are made of 100 percent Canadian tomatoes and sweetened with organic cane sugar. French’s describes the popsicle’s taste as a “savoury tomato flavour that is perfectly balanced with a hint of salty and sweet”, because that’s exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to enjoying a popsicle in the hot sun.

But it’s not all bad because French’s has announced that it would be donating two meals to Food Banks Canada for every Frenchsicle given away.

If you thought this is the first time humanity did something like this and inched further away from God’s light, you’d be wrong.

Back in 2018, an Irish gelato brand created special ketchup-flavoured ice cream in honour of Ed Sheeran performing in Dublin and his favourite food apparently being ketchup (the singer has got a bottle of Heinz ketchup tattooed on his arm so they might not be far off actually). In 2020, Heinz introduced a limited-edition line of condiment-flavoured ice creams, resulting in flavours like ketchup, mayo, BBQ, mustard, and salad cream.

Would you ever give ketchup-flavoured ice cream a go?