Chef Duo Made The World’s Largest Chicken Nugget© Guinness World Records

This Viral Chef Duo Made The World’s Largest Chicken Nugget So You Don’t Have To

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Former MasterChef finalist and one of the most popular chefs online Nick DiGiovanni and Cooking With Lynja’s Lynn Davis teamed up to make the world’s largest chicken nugget and enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

The duo managed to make a chicken nugget that is “approximately 115 times larger than your average chicken nugget”, weighing over 20Kgs.

In a video posted by Guinness World Records, the chefs walk the viewer through the process that went behind creating the ginormous treat. It took about 40 slices of bread, 40 eggs, about three liters of milk, and 18Kgs of ground chicken (that’s about 60 whole chickens) to make the nugget.

According to DiGiovanni, the trickiest part was the cooking. Test runs in a home oven took as long as 12 hours for the nugget to be properly cooked. So the duo took their project to a commercial facility where they managed to pull off the feat.

An adjudicator from the organisation was also present to verify whether the chicken nugget was, in fact, the largest in the world or not. As it turns out, it was and the duo set a new world record that day.

This is not the first time DiGiovanni and Davis have teamed together to set world records via ginormous foods. Earlier this year, the duo managed to make the world’s largest cake pop, weighing over 44Kgs.

But the question of the hour remains if a chicken nugget becomes so large that it qualifies as the world’s largest, is it a nugget anymore?