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Man Jumps 198 Feet To Dunk Doughnut Into A Cup Of Coffee, Sets New Record

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

It’s the National Doughnut Day in the United States, yes that exists, and we’re happy to inform you that a new world record for the highest dunk of a doughnut into a cup of coffee has been set. You know, in case you’ve been wondering.

Ron Jones set a new world record, according to Guinness World Records when he bungee jumped from 198 feet to dunk his doughnut into a coffee cup on the ground.

Jones jumped from a suspended platform and managed to dunk his doughnut into the coffee mug that measured just 8.89 cm in diameter.

In case you’ve been wondering if something like this has been attempted before, then yes it has. In 2016, UK resident Simon Berry bungee-jumped from a height of 240 feet 10 inches to dunk his biscuit into a cup of tea and if that’s not the most British thing you’ve ever heard then God knows what is.

As one Instagram user rightly pointed out, Jones has taken ‘Dunkin Donuts’ to another level.