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The World’s Largest Bottle Of Whiskey Was Sold At INR 10 Crores At An Auction

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

The world’s largest bottle of whiskey, called ‘The Intrepid’, has been auctioned off at a price of $1.4 million dollars (INR 10.8 crores) recently, according to Edinburgh-based auction house Lyon & Turnbull, to an anonymous international collector.

Standing at a height of five feet and 11 inches, The Intrepid was recognised as the largest bottle of whiskey in the world by Guinness World Records in September 2021. The bottle can reportedly hold 311 litres, equivalent to 444 standard whiskey bottles. The liquor is a 1989 Macallan single malt, aged in oak casks for 32 years before being bottled in 2021 at Macallan’s distillery in Scotland. According to the auction house, the liquor is pale gold in colour with a sweet flavour and notes of apple in it.

The Intrepid, named after 11 of the most prolific British explorers, was a part of a project founded by Daniel Monk in partnership with Thailand-based investment company Fah Mai and London-based Rosewin Holdings, known for their investment in whiskey and other alcoholic beverages. Monk claims that The Intrepid has been inspired by his father’s passion for adventure and exploration. The bottle is adorned with images of the explorers and was designed by a group of whiskey connoisseurs and exploration enthusiasts.

While The Intrepid might have been the largest bottle of whiskey to be sold, it’s not the most expensive. In November 2018, a standard-sized bottle of Macallan was sold for $1.5 million (over INR 11.6 crores). The bottle was packed in 1986 after being matured for 60 years.