Fried And Poached Eggs© Yo! Egg

This Company Is Making The World’s First Fried And Poached Eggs For Vegans Out Of Plants!

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Science is truly remarkable. You can look up facts about ketchup at 2 AM on a mini-computer that can fit the palm of your hand or enjoy an excellent breakfast of sunny-side-up eggs even if you’re vegan.

Yes, a company has created the world’s first plant-based poached and fried eggs. Israeli company Yo! Egg is the one behind this revolutionary concept. The ‘eggs’ contain 0% cholesterol and are concocted out of a blend of plant-based proteins, sunflower oil, and flour.

These eggs were launched in Israel, in a breakfast chain, in 2019 and are now venturing into the United States. “We could have easily chosen a vegan joint and played it safe, but no, we chose the hardest, which is a hardcore egg place, serving breakfast of all kinds,” said CEO Eran Groner in an interview, “They were willing to put us on our menu after tasting our product. We’ve been there since December, and now we’ve also reached major tech companies, such as Google and Facebook, and some hotels and other foodservice operations.”

This is not the first time a start-up has developed plant-based egg alternatives for vegans. Previously, companies have come up with powdered and liquid varieties of plant-based eggs. But Yo! Egg wants to give vegans the total egg experience, eggsperience if you will. According to Groner, these eggs will be perfect for people who want the taste and texture of fried and poached eggs but want a more sustainable and cholesterol-free option.

And while a Yo! Egg contains only one gram of protein, so it’s not equivalent to a real egg in terms of nutritional value, it is a good alternative for vegans who want to add more plant-based foods in their diet.

The company is also working on developing hard-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs and baking solutions for the household. Big win for the vegans, we say!