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11 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow If You’re A Foodie

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

You might have different opinions on everything under the sun, including whether or not middle seat passengers on airplanes deserve both armrests or not, but there’s one thing that we can all agree on: Food Instagram, or Foodstagram if you’re in a hurry, is a gift that keeps on giving.

Follow these food accounts on Instagram if you’re a foodie who is always on the lookout for a new recipe to try, or even if you want to make your feed a more delicious and beautiful place.

From indulgent desserts to healthy recipes, these accounts have them all. Grab a snack and start Following,


Exactly as the name suggests, it’s an account with a lot of pictures of delicious food in the air. If you love food and scenic backgrounds because your feed will see a lot of both once you hit the follow button on this account.


Don’t go on Shivesh Bhatia’s Instagram if you’re craving sugar because you’ll probably give into that craving. The self-taught baker whips up delicious-looking desserts and, as a result, his feed is filled with cakes, pies, and other desserts.


Sydney-based food photographer and stylist Himanshu Taneja makes simple meals, like lemon rice, that look like they’re straight out of a Michelin star-worthy restaurant on his Instagram. He also shares recipes if you’re interested in recreating his beautifully shot dishes.


Following a chef for food content is a no-brainer. Chef Megha Kohli, of Cafe Mez in Gurugram, posts easy-to-follow recipes of delicious food, across cuisines, and regularly takes her followers along with her through various envy-inducing food adventures.


TikTok star Tina Choi’s Instagram is filled with delicious Korean food recipes and ASMR cooking videos. Choi breaks down complicated cooking steps into easy (looking) short clips that are great if you’re just starting out cooking.


San Francisco-based chef Asha Shivakumar has written a cookbook titled Masala & Meatballs, where she has shared her recipes of beloved Indian dishes with an American twist, like naan pizza and masala chicken wings. Her Instagram feed is pretty much a reflection of her love of all things food, regardless of cuisine, and is definitely worth a look.


Cookbook author and photographer Eva Kosmas Flores combines her two passions for her Instagram, resulting in stunning, moody shots of delicious-looking food that would have you drooling instantly.


If you love bread…who are we kidding, it’s bread! This account is dedicated to all things bread. Baker Hannah P.’s Instagram is filled with delicious-looking breads that are often studded in veggies and made to look like they’re decorated in flowers and leaves.


‘Lazy but hungry’ chef Jess treats her 126K followers to drool-worthy recipes inspired by different Asian cuisines that look super easy to recreate in your own kitchen. Along with recipes, she also shares tidbits that would make you more knowledgeable about the cuisines she is creating on the feed.


When Chef Nick DiGiovanni says he’ll teach his 1.2 million followers to cook, he really means it. Aside from an odd food shot here and there, the chef’s feed is filled with bold thumbnails of dishes that you can recreate following his snappy tutorials.


If all the indulgent desserts and rich food made you feel guilty about cheating on your resolution to eat healthily, just go to sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley’s Instagram and scroll through their many delicious and healthy recipes.