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Make Your Daily Meals Fun Again With The Classic Bento Box With A Delicious Twist

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Bento Boxes has taken social media by storm. We can often find ourselves falling into a dark hole of moms packing cute and aesthetic Bento boxes for their kids. It was soon followed by adults making their own renditions of these boxes as they resumed offline offices. In case you didn’t know, Bento boxes are a a popular meal system in Japan, and they’re compact, visually appealing, and offer a well-balanced meal. A typical Bento box consists of a good balance of carbs, proteins, vegetables, and fruits, and it’s usually made out of leftovers. Bento boxes are also great for the environment since it cancels out any usage of single-use plastic containers.

So, if you want to jump on the Bento Box trend, here is everything you need to know to assemble the perfect one!


How To Set It Up

Step 1: Carbs

The most integral part of a Bento box is carbs! Start by filling a section with rice, pasta, a sandwich, or udon noodles in the box. You can opt for your preferred carb meal.

Step 2: Protein

Now fill another section with your choice of protein. Cottage cheese, Chicken, or even Seafood make for great options. This will ensure that your meal has the right amount of carbs and protein.

Step 3: Sides

A meal is never complete without some delicious side dishes! Add a few pieces of vegetables, eggs, or even tofu that are light and will complement your choice of carbs and protein.

Step 4: Fillers

Craving for some munchies? These fillers can help you out. Add slices of carrot, cucumber or broccoli to add some healthy munchies to your Bento. Their bright, vivid colours are an absolute bonus and can make your Bento box look like it’s straight out of Masterchef.

Step 5: Fruits

The final and the most fun part of the Bento box meal—fruits! In a small silicone cup, add a few pieces of strawberries, grapes, or any other fruit you like.

Pro Tips To Remember

Bring In Colour

Add fruits and vegetables with vibrant colours to your Bento box to make your meals even more fun. Imagine a rainbow in your bento box; plus, colourful vegetables and fruits are known to have a higher nutrient value and have a better visual impact.

Always Make Extra Portions

It’s always convenient to prep your meals beforehand while preparing your Bento box, and while doing so, making extra portions is always a good idea. This can help you stock some in the fridge, and can be reheated whenever you feel like eating.

Avoid Adding Liquids

Liquids and Bento boxes never go well, and that’s why it’s best to stick to dry, easy-to-eat meals instead. If you want to add a dressing or sauce to your meal, it is best to pack it in an airtight container to avoid leakage.