Kendall Jenner Nails The ‘Old-Money’ Aesthetic In A Lilac Gown

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Harshita Singh

Fashion enthusiasts around the world have been swept off their feet with the ‘old-money’ aesthetic, and so are we! Lately, thanks to TikTok trends and the Succession hype, we’ve seen influencers, designers and celebrities tapping more and more into the ‘old-money’ or ‘stealth-wealth’ aesthetic.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, this fashion trend comprises opting for sophistication and timeless pieces over flashy clothes splashed with logos of designer brand. Many celebrities have gotten on board this polished way of dressing from Kylie Jenner and Sofia Richie to Deepika Padukone and most recently, Kendall Jenner. And among the many things that are back in trend because of this, drop-waist dresses are a star of the show.

Elvira Dress From Reformation©Reformation

Recently, Kendall posted images of herself enjoying a family vacation in Spain. And with cruises being the newest “it thing” among the A-lister, we saw the supermodel channel the vibe with a touch of romance in a sheer, drop-waist lilac dress. Shots of her catching the breeze on the deck and chasing sunsets looks like something right out of a romcom movie or a Taylor Swift music video.

The 28-year-old is wearing the Romee dress by New York-based luxury label Khaite. The brand seems to be a favourite, given that this isn’t the first time she has sported pieces from their collection. It’s the perfect summer dress that’s equal parts dreamy and chic.

You can buy the dress here.