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Dr. Amin Jaffer On What Truly Makes You Stylish

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Jeena J Billimoria

The dapper, dynamic and dashing museum director brings something unique to the sartorial table, so to speak. HELLO! discovers how he stands head and shoulders above the rest—and why originality and charm are irreplaceable.

HELLO! loves:A paragon of sophistication, Dr. Amin Jaffer embodies the image every young man aspires to: formidably debonair, crisply attired and classy to a fault.

HELLO!:How would you best describe the word ‘style’?

Dr. Amin Jaffer: “Exterior appearance is only one aspect of style; the truly stylish people I know are attractive from the inside, with beautiful manners, charm and respect for those around them.”

H!:When did your sartorial journey begin?

Dr. AJ: “It began very young. I think even from the age of 4 or 5, I was refusing to wear clothes and colours I didn’t like. My poor parents!”

H!:What’s your signature look?

Dr. AJ: “I am almost always in a double or single-breasted blue blazer or tweed jacket with a pochette [pocket square] and grey, blue or beige trousers, a blue or white shirt with cufflinks, and custom-made shoes. In winter, I love turtlenecks.”

H!:One may be dressed impeccably—but how does one command a room with presence and character, in your opinion?

Dr. AJ: “I am still figuring this out myself…”

H!:What are some pearls of fashion wisdom that you’ve received and never forgotten?

Dr. AJ: “I understood at a young age that, for me, the line and tailoring of clothes was more important than the pattern of the fabric. My father taught to me to avoid loud designs and conspicuous logos.”

H!:An heirloom that’s been passed on to you that you’ll forever cherish?

Dr. AJ: “My father’s 1960s OMEGA gold watch.”

H!:Fashion is ever-evolving—how does your wardrobe remain current while still being true to your sense of style?

Dr. AJ: “Fundamentally, my style is classic and remains the same—I still wear shirts, suits and shoes from 10 years ago. (Smiles)”

H!: Four items every man should invest in?

Dr. AJ: “Wellmade shoes are essential and so is a quality aftershave. I think every man should invest in a good blazer. As for watches, I love plastic ones quite a lot: I don’t think everything good is expensive or that everything expensive is good!”

H!:What, according to you, will never go out of style?

Dr. AJ: “Good manners and good behaviour.”

H!:One thing you never leave home without?

Dr. AJ: “My signet ring, inscribed with blessings.”

H!:Men whom you admire for their style and why…

Dr. AJ: “They’re no longer with us: Cary Grant, Randolph Scott, Maharaja Yeshwantrao Holkar II of Indore…”

H!:What does living well mean to you?

Dr. AJ: “For me, living well means being in places of beauty and charm in the company of people who add positively to the experience of life. My favourite people are those who love nature, books, music, teatime and long walks.”

This is an excerpt from an interview from HELLO! India’s November 2023 issue. To read the full interview, check out the latest issue right here.