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Mozez Singh Shares Genius Style Tips To Up Your Fashion Game

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Shraddha Chowdhury

HELLO!: We, at HELLO!, have always appreciated your sense of style and how you carry every look. How does it feel to win the ‘Style Disruptor’ title?

Mozez Singh: “It feels amazing, especially as winning an award for being a lover of fashion is not something I’ve ever aspired for. It was a fabulous surprise! Fashion is a big love of mine, but it’s also very personal. I love fashion for myself and how it makes me feel. So to be recognised publicly for it is a sweet success. Thank you for this honour, HELLO!.”

H!: Apart from you, who do you think would be deserving of such an award in India?

MS: “There are so many people! The list goes on, but I think Rekha is a prime candidate. She’s forever stylish and is a great disruptor because she’s remained true to her style through the ages. That authenticity, to me, is a form of disruption.”

H!: Share five style tips you think one should never compromise on.

MS: “1. Always dress for yourself. 2. Always make sure you’re comfortable. 3. Never blindly follow and wear trends. 4. Opt for looks that flatter you. 5. Dress with a sense of abandon.”

H!: Who are your favourite designers or brands?

MS: “This one’s a tough question to answer. There are too many! But some that come to mind immediately are Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla, Raghavendra Rathore and AlterX Co from India, as well as Rick Owens and Balmain internationally.”

H!: In your work, what projects are you most excited about this year?

MS: “I directed my first documentary feature film. It’s a Netflix original on Yo Yo Honey Singh that will be released later this year. I’m super excited about it. I’m also writing my next feature film. It’s a psychological thriller meets sci-fi. I’ll direct this next by the end of the year. Besides these, I’m also developing a very big international mini series. The plate is full!”

This has been adapted for the web from a story originally published in the May-June 2023 issue of HELLO! India. Get our copy of the latest issue right here!