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5 Times Kylie Jenner Embraced Quiet Luxury Through Her Ensembles

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, there are few celebrities who can command attention like Kylie Jenner. Known for her daring choices, trend-setting looks, and larger-than-life ensembles, Jenner has never been one to shy away from the spotlight. However, it seems that the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has embarked on a style renaissance of her own, surprising her fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. Lately, she has been taking a page out of Sofia Richie Grainge’s book and embracing the allure of quiet luxury, shedding her usually trendy and over-the-top clothing in favour of a more understated and refined aesthetic.

Gone are the days of flashy logos and attention-grabbing statement pieces. Jenner has found a new appreciation for the art of subtlety, opting for timeless designs, impeccable craftsmanship, and luxurious fabrics that whisper rather than shout. It’s as if she’s unearthed a hidden fashion treasure trove, where elegance reigns supreme, and the details make all the difference.

Jenner’s transformation into a purveyor of quiet luxury has not gone unnoticed. The fashion world is abuzz with excitement as she showcases her newfound style sensibility through carefully curated ensembles that exude sophistication and refinement.

Jenner’s journey from OTT to quiet luxury is as exciting as it is unexpected, proving that even in the world of high fashion, change is the only constant. From tailored silhouettes to premium fabrics and exquisite craftsmanship, we will dissect the subtle details that have transformed the make-up mogul’s fashion game ahead.

The Cream Cropped Blazer and Skirt Set

kylie jenner cropped blazer and skirt set©Instagram

Jenner’s style evolution was on full display recently as she attended a friend’s birthday celebration. Opting for a cream leather asymmetrical cropped blazer and matching skirt from Ferragamo, she showcased her embrace of quiet luxury. The ensemble was paired with sleek black court pumps from the label’s Autumn 2023 RTW collection, an essential in any discerning quiet luxury wardrobe. This marked a departure from her previous trendy and maximalist fashion choices, signalling a new chapter in her style journey.

The Slinky Dress

kylie jenner in black slinky dress©Instagram

Jenner has fully embraced the trend by donning looks from smaller, indie designer labels, much like her fellow style icons Hailey Bieber, Nicola Peltz, and Emily Ratajkowski, who have been loyal patrons of Éterne. Keeping the momentum going, Jenner took to her Instagram to share snapshots in a slinky transparent curve dress from an upcoming “IYKYK” brand Sonia Carrasco.

The Parisian-Chic Glam

kylie jenner in white dress©Getty Images

Jenner exuded Parisian chic glamour and ‘old money’ vibes in a stunning white halter dress by Alaïa for an evening out in the French capital. The dress showcased a high neckline, a corseted drop waist, and an elegant ankle-length skirt, creating a monochromatic ensemble that oozed sophistication. To complete the look, she opted for strappy heeled sandals from Loewe and carried a small top-handle purse from The Row. With her hair elegantly tied back using a white hair tie, she let a few loose tendrils frame her face, perfectly complementing her subtle smokey eye, rosy cheeks, and nude matte lip.

The Two-Piece Set

Kylie Jenner two-piece set©Getty Images

During a lavish shopping excursion that included a visit to Chanel’s Paris boutique, Jenner donned yet another exquisite white ensemble. This time, she opted for a two-piece set from Maximilian Davis’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection, curated by Fashion East. The outfit showcased a pleated A-line miniskirt paired with a cropped blazer, with a mock-neck and an asymmetrical front, radiating modern sophistication.

To complete the look, she chose simple black heels and adorned her ears with thick silver hoops, while carrying a small handbag and accessorising with thin oval sunglasses. Her dark hair cascaded elegantly around her shoulders, perfectly complemented by a nude pink lip.

The Black Beauty

Kylie Jenner in black dress©GettyImages

For a lunch outing, Jenner sported an elegant black halter dress by Bottega Veneta, channelling a 1950s-inspired aesthetic. The midi-length dress featured a plunging V-shaped neckline, a flattering bustier bodice, and a flowing, twill maxi skirt with a subtle asymmetrical hem. Pairing the dress with black pointed-toe heels, she accessorised with luxe black sunglasses, a matching Bottega purse, and eye-catching chunky gold earrings.