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NYC Just Held The World’s First-Ever AI Fashion Show

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

The future ancient sci-fi comics predicted is here and artificial intelligence is slowly and steadily taking over the world. AI is fast seeping into every industry, from music to food and now even fashion. While many purists oppose letting AI into creative spaces, there are many who argue that the future is a healthy partnership between AI and humans.

When it comes to fashion, technology and innovation have always been at the forefront of the industry, whether it’s the forward-looking trends and predictions or the adoption of new materials to promote sustainability. So it is no surprise that AI has started making inroads into the fashion industry as well.

One of the biggest leaps forward has been the world’s first-ever AI fashion week which was held recently in New York City. Creative studio Maison Meta organised the revolutionary event in partnership with E-commerce giant Revolve and had over 400 designers from all over the world participate with their digitally-created designs.

On April 20 and 21, visitors at Soho’s Spring Studios could view the virtual collections as they were projected onto 24 screens placed around the venue. All the collections were created by the designers using up-and-coming AI software. According to Cyril Foiret, the founder of Maison Meta, the fashion week is also a contest where the participants would be judged in two stages. The first would be through audience voting and the second through a panel composed of experts of the industry, including the legendary Pat McGrath.

Foiret told The Post that the fashion week has been organised to show support for AI in fashion and to encourage designers to embrace the future.

“AI fashion week hopes to pave the way for a new realm of creation,” he said, “We really think the AIFW platform will make big waves in the fashion industry and showcase what you can do and how creative you can be when it comes to AI and fashion.”

The winner’s collection will be translated from virtual to reality with the help of Revolve Group and will be available to be purchased on the E-commerce platform.

Do you think AI-generated fashion is the future?