Tracing The History Of The Iconic Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

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Nirja Dutt

Since its creation in 1931, the Reverso has been a masterpiece of engineering and design, with a unique and innovative concept that has revolutionised the watchmaking industry. Created to withstand the rough and tumble of polo matches, this icon of Jaeger-LeCoultre has become one of the world’s most recognisable watches, synonymous with timeless elegance, intricate complexity and exceptional craftsmanship.

The signature reversible case is the embodiment of pure elegance, crafted from over 50 individual components. A true marvel of engineering enables the case to be turned over and locked into place fitting perfectly into its cradle that, at first glance, deems no evidence that it can be flipped over.


Inspired by the golden ratio, the Reverso is a triumph of form and function brought together in perfect harmony. A true original, the design is based on a fundamental idea—its reversal, making it one of the most inventive wristwatches in history. With its swivelling back, the Reverso is a blank canvas inspiring a myriad of possibilities to express exceptional know-how with personalised enamelling, engraving or miniature painting and, of course, the choice of a second dial, giving Reverso wearers the option to match any outfit or look.

While this year was solely dedicated to the collection, Jaeger-LeCoultre has meditated on every possibility that can be found in its iconic form. For men, the house showcases its in-house marvel with the Reverso Tribute Chronograph, Duoface Tourbillon and Small Seconds. For women, the artistry of the label comes to life with the Reverso One Precious Colours, Secret Necklace and Duetto.


One for every style, story, occasion, and purpose, the Reverso seamlessly transcends trends and is still very relevant today. The classic timepiece acts as the perfect canvas to reflect the house’s imagination with a flare of fine haute horlogerie. In addition to their finery, the dexterity of its non-conforming aesthetic comes to show how great design can be contextualised to meet your ‘it watch’.

Meant for both men and women, pick the Reverso that suits you best based on what you hope to wear this timeless piece for, but given the plethora of options, there is one for each individual, perfectly suited to match them.