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Upasana Kamineni Launches New Luxury Destination For Jewellery In Hyderabad

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If you live in Hyderabad, or happen to be visiting, and you’re a fine jewellery enthusiast, there’s a new destination that needs to be added to your wishlist now.

Luxury diamond atelier Zoya, from the House of Tata, has opened its flagship boutique in Hyderabad. Nestled amongst the plush district of Jubilee Hills, the new store is an extension of the brand’s timeless aesthetics and charm. Entrepreneur and philanthropist Upasana Kamineni Konidela officially launched the opulent jewellery destination with Titan’s Business Head – South, Sharad R, welcoming Hyderabad’s high society including Rama Rajamouli and SS Pooja, British High Commissioner Gareth Wynn Owen, Jasmine Reddy, Tina Deen Dayal, Sunila Eti, Pooja Reddy and more to the launch event.

Upasana launches Zoya in Hyderabad©Zoya

Konidela, who is expecting her first baby with actor Ram Charan, looked elegant in her black dress paired with exquisite jewellery pieces from Zoya’s Whispers from the Valley collection. “Zoya’s beautifully crafted jewellery is thoughtfully designed for today’s woman,” she said, “Zoya celebrates the feminine with meaningful pieces and the highest standards of craftsmanship. Hyderabad is sure to enjoy this boutique and its many treasures that bring alive India’s rich tradition of artisanship through contemporary design. Zoya is an experience not to be missed!”

An imposing facade opens into an elegant gallery welcoming patrons on a leisurely exploration of Zoya’s versatile creations. Glass showcases float against white walls, inviting a closer look at the intricate details of each masterpiece.

A curved white wall adorned with signature motifs of inspiration, while handcrafted paper art adds to the visual storytelling. Sculpted panels reflect Zoya’s artisanal soul, finding cues in the layers and facets of the Zoya woman.

Zoya store launch©Zoya

Lush and feminine spaces in calming pastel shades resonate powerfully with meaning inviting guests to journey into the heart of the brand and experience its rich heritage of storytelling. Prized high-value pieces, fashioned from the exquisite diamonds and precious stones, culminate in jewellery of transcendent beauty.

Zoya store launch©Zoya

At the heart of the store is a bespoke area, an island of creative immersion and self-expression where the brand’s jewellery designers create custom pieces that seamlessly blend art and fine jewellery. Striking just the right balance of exclusivity and openness, is a beautiful private lounge to experience high jewellery and engage in discussions, while being pampered with hors d’ouvers and gourmet filter coffee before making a decision on the Zoya they take home.

Zoya store launch©Zoya

“With its commitment to meaningful art and warm hospitality, Zoya is setting new standards in fine jewellery experiences in India. Our boutique in Hyderabad, carries forward the Titan promise to create a destination for homegrown luxury and a refined brand experience that is distinctly above the ordinary,” said Titan’s Business Head Sharad R.

You can visit Zoya at its newest destination in Hyderabad at the flagship store in Jubilee Hills.