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Advaitha Ravishankar On Her Love For Abstract Prints & More

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Nayare Ali

HELLO! reached out to fashion’s young sensation Advaitha Ravishankar who is making an impact with her funky abstract prints...

HELLO!: You came into the spotlight after you won a fashion award last year. How did it impact your career?

Advaitha Ravishankar: “It felt great to be recognised for something we’ve been consistently working towards since the inception of the brand so more than my career its impacted my confidence in a very positive sense.”

H!: How would you define your core design philosophy?

AR: “Our core design philosophy has always been to push the boundaries of art and fashion as much as possible and to never say no to exploring any ideas or opportunities.”

H!: You have graduated from the London College of Fashion. What was your biggest learning there?

AR: “The fact that I could meet so many people from around the world and understand the way they approach design has been more valuable than anything else. It was there that I was able to develop a sense of design and understand what approach I wanted to take aesthetically so I’d always be grateful for that.”

H!: You have mentioned that you were inspired by the Central Saint Martin’s website as a child. When did you realise that fashion was your true calling?

AR: “To be honest, I think until I actually went to fashion school I wasn’t able to really pinpoint what I was interested in - the reason I decided to pursue fashion is because it was the one thing I was most drawn to, only to realise later that textiles was my true calling.”

H!: How would you define the Advait woman?

AR: “Someone who is unafraid of experimenting and is open to different experiences in life.”

H!: You do a lot of abstract prints. Where do you seek inspiration from?

AR: “I’m inspired by pretty much the most random objects. I find concepts hard to translate through art, so anything visual and tangible is always more relatable - I used to enjoy painting a lot of still lifes, so that’s sort of taken its own form as I’ve grown older. I find drawing everyday objects the most enjoyable, just seeing how they can be interpreted in various ways just by changing the scale or medium is an incredibly enjoyable process.”

H!: How would you define your personal sense of style?

AR: “Honestly, pretty much the opposite of the brand - I prefer minimal solids and wearing pieces that are more laid back and oversized.”

H!: How does a fashion designer stand out amongst so much choice today?

AR: “Honestly, the answer is marketing. The more you effectively market your brand and products the more you stand out. Which is not to say you can do with sub-par products, but marketing, especially in a more consumer focused way while keeping in line with the trends plays a huge role in visibility.”

H!: Your favourite shopping destinations?

AR: “I do all my shopping online - it’s the easiest way to access multiple different things.”

H!: What are your other interests besides fashion?

AR: “I love learning new languages.”

H!: Describe yourself in 5 words?

AR: “Inquisitive, curious, laid back, a thinker (maybe even an over thinker), empathetic.”

H!: Your goals for 2023...

AR: “To experiment and expand as much as possible, and to greater scales.”