La Roca Village Barcelona© Bicester Collection

This Quaint Village In Barcelona Is A Shopper’s Haven

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Imagine browsing through the collections of some of the biggest names in fashion, all while enjoying breathtaking views of rolling hills. Although this may sound like a dream, such a paradise for serial shoppers is a reality that’s easily accessible at La Roca Village near Barcelona. One of the nine destinations of the Bicester Collection across Europe, this shopping hotspot offers a luxury retail experience like no other.

These exclusive shopping destinations of the Bicester Collection offer an ever-evolving edit of fashion brands, exciting pop-ups, world-renowned restaurants, art installations and tailored guest services.

As is characteristic of any Bicester location, La Roca Village gives its visitors a glimpse of what the traditional cultural life of the place looks like. The Spanish variation is inspired by the historical Modernisme movement that marked a renaissance of Catalan culture.

The place’s architecture is an interpretation of a traditional Catalan town of the late 19th Century, with Gaudí-inspired mosaics and boughs heavy with bright pink bougainvillaea.

The quaint village houses an expertly curated selection of brands in fashion and lifestyle, both international and niche European, as well as local Spanish names and a good number of restaurants that allow visitors to have a well-rounded shopping experience.

Located just 40 minutes north of Barcelona, en route to the tourist-favourite city of Costa Brava, La Roca Village offers shoppers a chance to check out over 140 labels, along with the option of sampling some world-class cuisine as they loosen their purse strings.

From sushi at Mori to traditional Catalan fare at Parsela, there’s something for everyone at La Roca. And our recommendation for an experience you can’t miss: a meal with a spectacular view at Atmósferas Mordisco.

The Bicester Collection prides itself on having a roster of the most discerning guests from the world over. It offers tailored services that make the overall experience all the more luxurious and convenient. For instance, the personal shopping experience offers assistance from personal stylists and shoppers, both at the location and virtually from wherever you are in the world. Add to the opulent mix beautifully designed apartments that are perfect to unwind and hold private consults with your personal aids. There’s more: this one-of-a-kind shopping experience also promises visitors nearly 30 to 60 percent discounts across all brands!

Take this as a sign to pencil in a visit to La Roca Village near Barcelona, the next time you find yourself touring Spain, and upgrade your wardrobes in the funnest way possible!