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It’s Time To Fall In Love With The Panerai Due Luna

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Nirja Dutt

There is nothing quite like a watch to uplift a look, think of it not only as the accessory of the moment but one that won’t go out of style for generations. So picking one that truly embodies your style is the key.

In order to pick the perfect one in a sea of possibilities, it’s always best to start with defining your purpose for the watch, and narrow your possibilities from there. While dexterity is always preferred, try and pick one that matches your lifestyle or has the ability to shapeshift based on your needs. Think timeless classics with a hint of your personality merged in.

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Today we live in a world where watches are genderless, straps are interchangeable and the most on-trend dial size is 38mm, and the watch that embodies all of the above whilst giving a unique edge is the Panerai Due Luna.

The Italian watchmakers have been known for their instantly spottable watches (featuring a unique crown guard and cushion-shaped dial) that make a statement, everytime. And while the diver watches have been their strong suit, the Due Luna line makes a strong case for a classic to covet.

Breaking stereotypes that the brand has been known for, the quintessentially feminine creation is a perfect bridge between serious horology with a dash of glamour. Featuring the most romantic compilation, the moonphase sits pretty in a subdial at 3 o’clock stealing focus for all the right reasons.

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Powered by the P.900/MP calibre, the automatic mechanical watch is perfect to begin your morning and sail through the night with ease. Available in a plethora of dial variants including a lustrous mother of pearl, sunbrushed ivory and dreamy blue, each one lends as the perfect stage to its theatrical beauty.

The celestial confluence of fine horology and style comes alive with a decadent offering of strap colours and even a bracelet, all of which can be changed with the ease of one click at home, thanks to the quick release system that the house has now enabled in most of its creations. In addition, the 50 metre water resistance and 72 hour power reserve warrants its fuss-free wearability.

Panerai Due Luna Dial©HelloIndia

A healthy mix of sporty meets chic, the clean dial comes alive via its hour markers and hands that are luminescent when the lights go down, keeping true to the quintessential Panerai appeal. In daylight, you can admire the craftsmanship of the moon which is made with 24 karat gold and has subtle craters that come alive in a pool of blue dotted with pinpoint stars.

Elegant at first glance, the Due Luna presents as the perfect option for enthusiasts who prefer to stand apart in a crowd. A gem in Panerai’s list of creations, this is one of those rare pieces that can make you fall in love with the brand instantly, because we all don’t just buy a watch for the moment, it’s for the time to come.