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Charting Shakira’s Top Style Moments Over The Years

Shakira, the renowned singer and actress, is a household name for those who grew up in the ’90s. With chart-topping hits such as ‘Waka Waka’ and ‘Hips Don’t Lie,’ she has become a symbol of Latin music around the world. Her big debut in English music in the year 2000 made her an instant icon among music and fashion aficionados alike.

Whether it was her electrifying music videos, award shows, or live performances, Shakira’s unique taste in fashion was always on display. Known for her talent in designing, she often crafted her own outfits for special events, such as her unforgettable feathered bikini top at the 2001 MTV Awards.

Over the years, the music star’s iconic style has undergone a transformation, with a shift towards revenge dressing following her highly publicised split from husband Gerard Piqué, who was allegedly unfaithful. As the ‘Waka Waka’ star enters her hot, single girl era in her sartorial best, let’s reminisce over her most remarkable and unforgettable fashion moments.

Laundry Service Era

Shakira’s music breakthrough in the form of her album Laundry Service took her talent to Hollywood and helped her break into the American music scene in 2001. The album became an instant hit and helped her gain recognition alongside other music icons like Jennifer Lopez. Shakira’s signature blonde locks and denim patchwork outfits captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts.

Her fashion sense was a blend of street-style and couture, with unique crop tops and printed, patched bell bottoms. The singer’s penchant for statement belts also introduced a new fashion trend that was widely embraced by her fans.

VMAs 2001

Shakira’s fashion choices at the VMAs in 2001 left an indelible mark on the fashion world. The singer took DIY fashion to new heights, crafting her own feathered look for the event. Her self-made ensemble included a bralette adorned with golden caramel feathers and a string attachment, which she paired with her signature low-rise leather pants. Shakira elevated the look by adding muddy lace patches to the pants and a matching pair of boots.

The outfit was completed with an Xena: Warrior Princess-inspired tiara, which was an unexpected addition to the already extravagant ensemble. The attention-grabbing look may have been seen as one of the world’s most outrageous fashion trends, but Shakira’s creative effort was an admirable feat.

The ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ Chapter

Shakira’s hit song ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ became a sensation in 2005 and introduced waist accessories into the fashion world. Her vibrant frill skirts and knotted crop tops became a go-to pick for music festivals like Coachella. The accompanying music video also popularized the trend of see-through body embellishments, while sequin-bohemia became a much-loved style. And while the ‘90s babies’ childhoods were all about hiding and listening to the song, because–”hips don’t lie,” isn’t what an 8-year-old is supposed to be hearing, Shakira pulled up a magic trick and had the world dancing to the song.

Waist Belts

Shakira’s love for the belly dancer’s coin-clad belt turned it into a favourite fashion statement of the 2000s. She made sure to wear a custom-made design around her waist in music videos and on the red carpet. The soaring popularity of these accessories was such that people began to call them the Shakira belt.

In 2005, she performed at the VMAs and became the first-ever Spanish-language song to be nominated. For this performance, she gave her signature street style a glamorous twist, wearing a two-fabric bralette with ash grey cargo pants and her famous belly dance belt adorned with coins and beaded chains.

The Colourful ‘Waka Waka’ Fever

Shakira’s 2010 song for the FIFA World Cup held in South Africa became an iconic hit of the era. The singer’s outfit, featuring an African-fringed skirt and hair embellished with feathers and colourful accents, paid tribute to the venue for the season. Shakira’s most popular look from the song, however, was her vibrant ensemble for the actual ‘Waka Waka’ performance at the FIFA Finale, which took over the internet.

Designed by Roberto Cavalli, the custom look featured an animal print and neon pom-poms, paired with an African-style pearl belt in denim, which became a part of the singer’s collection of waist accessories. Every aspect of the performance was colour-coordinated, from wrist strings in the pom-pom to the mic, making it a memorable stage appearance by Shakira.

The Rihanna Moment

Shakira made a memorable collaboration in 2015 with the Barbadian superstar, Rihanna, in the song ‘Can’t Remember to Forget You.’ The music video, which was a cultural reset at the time, was Shakira’s way of breaking the norms by collaborating with a female artist. This was reportedly because her then-boyfriend, Gerard Piqué, was not a fan of her romancing male co-stars on camera.

The chemistry between the two artists was undeniable, as they both donned black, cut-out bodysuits with fringed hemlines. Shakira’s fiery red outfit and Riri’s classic black outfit complemented each other perfectly, adding to the rockstar glamour of the song. The video showcased their sensual silhouettes and undeniable chemistry that left a lasting impression.

The Golden Goddess

Shakira’s fashion choices took a dramatic turn with her 2017 song ‘Perro Fiel’ from her album El Dorado. In the music video, the Colombian singer shed her signature street style and instead opted for a more experimental approach. One of the most striking looks was when she was drenched in golden paint, creating an all-gold appearance. The singer also donned a glossy red outfit and Rapunzel braid, showcasing a new avatar to her fans.

The Sheer Moment

Last year, Shakira joined forces with Burberry for a brand collaboration, which brought her back into the world of fashion. Known for her love for see-through, sheer apparel, the singer-songwriter modelled the British luxury brand’s holiday campaign, introducing a new twist to the iconic style. In the campaign, she wore a stunning monogrammed gown adorned with crystals, layered over nude-coloured lingerie and accessorised with silver jewellery. This look is definitely one of our top favourites on Shakira!

Princess Diana-Inspired Revenge Dressing

Shakira’s response to rumours of a strained marriage with soccer star Gerard Piqué was nothing short of iconic, as she embraced the concept of “revenge dressing” popularised by Princess Diana. Despite the difficult time in her personal life, the singer refused to stay hidden away and instead hit the biggest red carpets and continued to release new music albums, opting to make a statement through her wardrobe (and a few sneaky digs on TikTok!). Even amidst the scrutiny of the media, Shakira stood tall and confident, a true inspiration for women everywhere.

The singer’s Cannes 2022 look, a stunning black gown, was one of the highlights of her new style, reminiscent of Princess Diana’s Vanity Fair Gala revenge dress from 1994. Shakira’s Instagram grid showcased a range of new looks, including a lilac cut-out bodysuit and a Balenciaga chain print shirt, both reflecting her strong spirit and commitment to self-expression.