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Tarini Manchanda On How To Be A Chic & Comfortable Bride

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

When style influencer Tarini Manchanda got married, she eschewed the traditional designer fare in favour of an old restored sari from the 40s that belonged to her grandmother.

“I wanted to go for something that I had an emotional connection with and this is why I went with an heirloom piece for my wedding day,” she says, as she sits down for a chat with HELLO! about her own wedding day and the tips she has for brides planning their big day.

From shopping smartly to being comfortable enough to enjoy the day you’ve been waiting for so long, here’s what Manchanda has to say to all the brides out there…

HELLO!: Can you tell us any anecdote that still stands out for you during your own wedding shopping?

Tarini Manchanda: “I’m not fussy about buying things off the rack. I went to places like Ogaan and Ensemble and other multi-designer stores because they are the easiest to shop from. I hadn’t heard of this designer called Aisha Rao when I was getting married a couple of years ago but her aesthetic really stood out for me. I knew that I wanted it to be comfortable and something which is not very heavy to carry and lift. So I liked one of her designs. Up till then, all the designers that I had picked out for my wedding functions were someone I already had a friendship with or some kind of pre-existing emotional connection. While I picked Aisha Rao purely based on how cool her designs were, I found out later that she went to college with my brother! Also, my wedding outfits were sorted really quickly. I don’t know if that’s how it usually happens.”

H!: Were you someone who had their whole wedding planned out as a kid?

TM: “No! I was one of those people who never really thought about their wedding. But that really helped me because I never had those expectations. I wasn’t hung up on the details or the perfection of it all. I just wanted to have a fun gathering and have people who have been a part of our journey around. We didn’t have even one element that was extravagant or done for show. Whatever we did was because we truly wanted to do it. But, in hindsight, I feel like I was a little too relaxed. There are some things that I wish were a little more organised. I wish I had more reference photos to show people!”

H!: So aside from being a little more organised, is there anything else you wish you had known before you went wedding shopping?

TM: “One thing I wish I knew earlier was that there would be people who would think that you didn’t invite them properly. I got married in such a rush and there was so much to do that I felt bad that I couldn’t pay attention to things like that. The time I got married was the most confusing time during the pandemic when regulations were being changed every day. So we had to keep our guest count dynamic and break the 500 people guest list into two so that we could have everyone involved. I wish I had a bit more time.”

H!: What are some common mistakes, in your opinion, that brides make while deciding on their wedding wardrobe?

TM: “I feel that sometimes people get very hung up on things like the designers or the aesthetic they want, as opposed to how it makes them feel. Also, they go over budget because they feel it’s their special day and I just think that while it is a special day, it’s not the only special day you’re going to have in your life. I would appreciate it more if money was spent more on making sure the couple has a happy married life as opposed to a happy wedding day.”

H!: Is there such a thing as ‘The One’ when it comes to the wedding dress, or is that a myth?

TM: “In India, we have like a hundred functions, so it’s impossible to have just ‘The One’! (laughs). But I definitely think that there is an emotion attached to your wedding dress and you would immediately know that this is the one you want to get married in.”

H!: What are some secret hacks that all brides should know to be super comfortable during their wedding?

TM: “I think comfortable shoes should be the top priority. Brides usually do this thing where they want to buy new everything but very often new shoes can be very uncomfortable. You should wear your trustiest pair. Or you should have a backup pair of shoes ready. I changed into sneakers after a while! You should also make sure your lehenga is something that you can move in. Also, do not try any new skincare treatments just before your wedding. It’s a really stressful time and the chances of it going wrong for you are very high. Another mistake that people make is that they buy a wedding dress that’s slightly smaller in the hopes of dieting and losing weight to fit themselves into it. That’s super dangerous for your body and you need energy for the big day!”