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Celebrity Stylist’s Guide For Effortless Style In 2023

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

It’s a brand new year and that means we’re all about change, whether it’s for our health, our lifestyles, or even our wardrobes. We’re manifesting a stronger ability to resist sugar and processed food and a sartorial shift that makes dressing up fun and effortless in 2023.

Who better to guide us in our wardrobe makeover quest than the brains behind some of the most well-put-together Bollywood celebrity looks of recent times?

Celebrity stylist Meagan Concessio, AKA SpaceMuffin, has curated looks for celebrities like Ananya Panday, Janhvi Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, and Tara Sutaria, and is well-versed in how to always put your best sartorial step forward.

She took some time off to speak to us about her fashion pet peeves (“Visible bra straps are an absolute NO!”), the trends she wishes we would leave behind (“Why are low-waisted jeans coming back?! I thought we got rid of them!”), and how to build our wardrobes smartly in 2023.

So without further ado, here are Concessio’s tips on being smart with your style choices in the coming months…

Know your trends

With the world available at your fingertips at any hour of the day, thanks to our trusty smartphones, there’s no excuse to not be aware of what’s in trend these days. Concessio shares her favourite trends of the season, saying, “Super, super baggy denim jeans and cargo pants are going to be everywhere in 2023. Also, pockets! Everything will have a lot of pockets, be it pants or even swimwear.” She adds that power shoulder is going to be a mainstay this year and leather will make an appearance in unexpected ways. “The silhouettes that I’m liking a lot are leather midi skirts or ankle-length skirts along with a classic leather jacket.”


Be aware of your wardrobe

While paying attention to trends is the first step in building a stylish wardrobe, it doesn’t necessarily means that you should shop more. “It’s important to pay attention to trends but it also needs to fit in with your personality and your personal style so that you can use it season after season and don’t get bored with what you purchase at the end of every season.” The celebrity stylist reveals that her most important shopping tip for anyone is to not shop! “Normally what happens is that people go out and get carried away and buy things that they don’t need. It’s really important to take a look at your wardrobes and take stock of what you already own and then make a conscious decision when it comes to shopping and avoid unnecessary wastage.”

Comfort over (expensive) style

Concessio can’t stress the importance of buying comfortable staples enough. According to her, you should be investing in good quality, albeit expensive, staples like shoes or denim jeans, rather than things that you know you wouldn’t wear more than once or twice. “I highly recommend not buying pieces that do not fit into your lifestyle. For instance, I will shell out a lot more on an expensive pair of denim jeans or joggers than a party dress because I know I would wear that many times and the cost per wear would actually be very low for that piece. I would recommend people to have that mindset while shopping.”

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Build your wardrobe around your lifestyle

The stylist’s most important advice before setting out on a journey to give your wardrobe a makeover in 2023 is to really think about your lifestyle. “You need to evaluate your own wardrobe and see what are the things you wear the most and what are the things you tend to buy but seldom take out. I wouldn’t recommend anyone buying a lot of occasion wear if they don’t attend a lot of events and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy a lot of casualwear if they spend most of their week in formals,” she says, “It’s important to make the conscious decision to not spend money on things you don’t wear often. Splurge on things you know you would be wearing the most, like a comfortable pair of shoes or a daily bag. Invest in pieces that can be your daily essentials.”