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#HELLO’sMostStylish: Shivan Bhatiya & Narresh Kukreja

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Shraddha Chowdhury

Designers Shivan Bhatiya and Narresh Kukreja have been named HELLO!’s Most Stylish Designers. Read on to know more about each of their personal styles, go-to outfits and current fashion obsessions.

On being HELLO!’s Most Stylish Designers: Shivan: We’re absolutely ecstatic! I always feel truly happy about being included in such lists because we put in a lot of effort into our everyday dressing. So it honestly feels quite rewarding.

Narresh: Thank you so much, HELLO!, for recognising us. It means a lot to be seen as stylish.

Style motto: Shivan: For me, style is a mix of wanting to stand out versus being comfortable. In the end, it all has to come together to be you. So my style motto includes a little bit of boldness, a little bit of chicness and bursts of colour.

Narresh: For me, it would be being bold, confident and sophisticated.

Being stylish VS being fashionable: Shivan: Style is eternal, whereas fashion is seasonal.

Narresh: Style has a sense of personality associated with it, which comes from one’s individuality. That’s the primary difference between style and fashion.

Favourite designers or brands: Shivan: In-high street, I like COS. Among designers, Miuccia Prada’s way of thinking has always been inspiring.

Narresh: Nothing or no one in particular at the moment.

I look best in: Shivan: I don’t think I have a very fashionable answer to this. You need to continually try more and more so there’s no one thing that you could say looks best on you. There’s so much to try! And thankfully, the world is coming to accept androgynous clothing. I’d be limiting myself if I had one answer to what looks best on me.

Narresh: Anything that complements my body and represents it best. Be it bodycon clothes or something oversized, how it falls on the body matters.

The most stylish item in my wardrobe: Shivan: Scarves and shawls are magic for me. I like to layer my clothes with them. For instance, you can drape them under a jacket to make them look like a shirt. So these are my essentials.

Narresh: The pair of sailor men’s shoes that I recently added to my wardrobe is quite stylish. They have heels and are really conical at the tip. They look really cool. I’m really looking forward to wearing them.

I’m happiest wearing: Shivan: I enjoy wearing a good set of silk pyjamas. I can wear them separately with a shirt or even trousers to create a relaxed feel.

Narresh: A nice vest with an overshirt and boxy, relaxed pants. That’s my go-to style currently.

Current fashion obsession: Shivan: I would say shoes.

Narresh: For me, too. Every time I travel, if there’s one item that I add to my wardrobe, it’s footwear.

An overrated trend: Shivan: Honestly, anything that’s current and ‘trendy’ is overrated in my opinion. But since we have to live in the times, we do indulge in them.

Items I tend to overuse: Shivan: Any good shirt that’s available in a classic colour.

Narresh: I agree. I have my designated black and white shirts that sit in the cross-section of formal and dressy. They’re my go-to, so I tend to overuse them.

My most prized possession: Shivan: All the cashmeres and silk scarves I own.

Narresh: The platinum and diamond ring from my dad. I love to wear it on special occasions.

Shop till I drop: Shivan: Milan is very, very high on fashion. I’d rank it slightly above Paris.

Narresh: Florence is an excellent city to shop, followed by Milan and Paris.

Three closet must-haves for men: Shivan: A good silk shirt with a relaxed fit because I feel like the idea of formality is redundant now. You could pair it with nice pair of woollen trousers.

Narresh: A good pair of shoes, woollen trousers and maybe a relaxed silk shirt.

Three fail-safe tips to ace a look: Narresh: 1. If you’re going formal, buythings that fit well around your frame; 2. Keep an eye on the details. Think about the little peek-a-boo elements, like the sparkle of a chain or a ring, or a pair of socks peeking out from under your trousers. These complete the look; 3. Add a touch of yourself to the outfit. Two people wearing the same T-shirt can look completely different depending on the originality they bring to it. Wear your personality on your sleeve — literally!

This interview has been adapted for the website from a feature story that was originally published in Hello! India’s November 2022 issue. Get your hands on the latest issue right here!