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Last-Minute Costume Ideas You Can Try This Halloween

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Did your habit of leaving everything till the last minute catch up with you? Did you just get invited to the coolest Halloween party but have no idea who to dress up as? Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

Making a costume from existing clothes in your wardrobe without much effort is an art we have absolutely mastered. So here are some fun and super easy costumes you can throw together and still hit the Halloweeen brief!

Princess Mia Thermopolis

A Princess? Shut up! Probably the easiest and the prettiest costume to wear this Halloween, all you need is a pretty white strapless dress, a pair of brown rectangular sunglasses, a simple pearl necklace, your old wired headphones, white satin gloves, and a cute tiara to match.

Meredith Palmer On Casual Friday

Every The Office fan knows how epic the casual Friday episode was, especially Meredith Palmer. So, it’s time to channel your favourite redhead from the Supply Relations department and opt for a purple tube dress. But instead of going the Meredith way, attach a pixelated square of your skin tone on the left side of your chest and you’re ready to go in as an appropriately-dressed Meredith!

The Powerpuff Girls

Does your girl gang need a last-minute costume change? Why not enter the party as the iconic Powerpuff Girls? Dress up as Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup in their respective classic Red, Blue, and Green coloured outfits with bows, a pair of knee-high white socks and chunky black loafers, and you’re ready to save the city.

Morticia Addams

A true Halloween icon, Morticia Addams is elegant, gothic chic, and absolutely fabulous. Pick a classic black full-sleeved dress that is well-fitted. Then, for your hair and make-up, wear your long, black hair in loose waves and opt for a grey smokey eye and bright, bold red lips to channel the true Addams energy.

Credit Card Bill Statement

Credit Card Bill Statement©Getty Images

Let’s be honest, in real life, nothing is scarier than an extremely high credit card bill, especially if you love shopping. So, it’s only fair that you dress up as your biggest fear, by printing out a sized-up version of your credit card bill (you can also photoshop the major details) and sticking it on a cardboard sheet and wearing it around your neck. To make your outfit look a little cooler, wear it on top of your most expensive outfit.

Classic Ghost

Probably the easiest costume ever, all you need is a long, wide white cloth, a pair of cool sunglasses and you’re good to go! Start off by placing the cloth on your head in a way that the rest of the material falls on your body and covers it. Then, mark the region that falls in front of your eyes and cut tiny holes so that you can see through easily. Once that’s done, wear your sunglasses on top of the cloth and you’re ready to be the coolest ghost at the party.

A Mouse, Duh

Love a good Mean Girls costume? Then you need to go as a mouse, duh! Bring out your shortest black slip dress with a flared bottom and tie a silver or a rose gold coloured ribbon around your waist with a perfect bow facing the front. Complete the look with a grey fuzzy mouse ears.

Violet Beauregarde

If you grew up watching and loving Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, it’s time to dress up as our favourite ultra-talented blueberry… err Violet Beauregarde! You need a matching velvet blue tracksuit and a platinum bob wig with bangs. Then, add some violet eyeshadow with a little bit of glitter on your nose and your fingers and that’s it. P.S.Don’t forget to keep chewing bubblegum.