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Kolkata-Based Multi-Designer Store The Wardrobe Turns 2

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If you’re from Kolkata, or have been to the city in the past couple of years, there’s a good chance that you would’ve come across The Wardrobe. It is, after all, fast becoming one of the top shopping destinations for Indian celebrities.

What started with 18 designers collectively putting their faith in a new multi-designer store has now transformed into a veritable shopping destination for fashion enthusiasts in Kolkata. Quest Mall’s The Wardrobe now hosts more than 50 established and emerging designers from across the country and it has managed to achieve this remarkable feat in just two years.

In case you didn’t know, The Wardrobe is a multi-designer store based in Kolkata which is home to fashion labels and collections from designers like Gulabo by Abu Sandeep, Payal Singhal, Abhishek Sharma, Shades of India, Soup by Sougat Patil, Somya Goyal, and more.

“The Wardrobe has the vision to bring forward a platform for designers to reach out to a wider audience and bring new collections to the city. I am delighted to be able to cater to the contemporary tastes of modern Indian women through The Wardrobe,” said designer Ridhi Mehra, who is also one of the featured designers at the store.

The Wardrobe©The Wardrobe

Keeping in mind the varied range of designers and labels that have found a home at the store, the design of The Wardrobe is kept pleasingly minimal to throw a spotlight on the various collections on display. The interiors are enhanced by muted gold accents and soothing greenery.

Over the past two years, the store and the designers have developed a strong relationship which means that many new collections by the featured designers and labels first make their way to The Wardrobe.

“I’d like to congratulate the entire team of The Wardrobe on the occasion of their second anniversary. It has been a pleasure interacting with the team over the last couple of years in which our brand has been associated with them,” said designer Payal Singhal, “The store has the right vibe and profile that matches the aesthetic of our brand and connects with our target audience in Kolkata. We have experienced gradual business growth with them and I am hopeful that The Wardrobe will be a prime designer wear shopping destination in the years to come.”

Designer Sougat Paul, the founder of Soup, said, “Working with The Wardrobe has been an experience of absolute ease for us here at Soup. The wardrobe has given us a great reach to a luxury clientele. We are extremely happy to be associated with you. Congratulations on completing two years and we hope to work with you for many more.”

Can’t wait to see what The Wardrobe has in store for us in the years to come.