Biggest Zara Store in India© Zara India

India’s Biggest And First Conceptual Zara Store Opens In Delhi’s DLF Promenade

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After months of anticipation from Delhiites, Zara has reopened its store in DLF Promenade and it packs some big surprises this time.

The newly refurbished store opened its door to fashion enthusiasts and general mall-goers recently and introduced them to the first-of-its-kind conceptual store in India. Spread across 25,000 sq ft, the two-storeyed store is the biggest of the brand in the country has been designed by Zara Architect Studio and retains the brand’s neutral and clean aesthetic that pushes the focus on the displayed collections at all times.

Zara Store in DLF Promenade©Zara India

While we’re still many years behind getting robots or not-yet-sentient AI to shop for us, the tech-forward store offers self-checkout service and RFID-enabled fitting rooms. The new store also has dedicated areas for recent product launches.

Sustainability’ and ‘Eco-friendly’ are the buzzwords of the season and the brand has taken notice. Since it’s all about stepping into the future of retail, the high fashion brand has taken many eco-conscious steps towards ensuring that the store remains as environmentally friendly as it could. There are efficient heating and cooling systems in place, energy-saving LED lighting, and an overall increase in the use of eco-friendly materials.

Biggest Zara Store in DLF Promenade Mall, Delhi©Zara India

The store is also connected to Inditex’s internal ‘Inergy’ platform which monitors and regulates the efficient consumption of the store’s air conditioning and electric installations. This helps in making sure that the store is using the optimal systems and also helps them figure out ways to reduce energy demands.

If you’re in and around Delhi, make sure to stop by Zara at DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj, to experience a new and improved version of the brand.