Balenciaga Leather Clutches© Balenciaga

These Balenciaga Leather Clutches Look Like Empty Potato Chip Bags

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Disruptive luxury fashion label Balenciaga is at it again. After making people buy extremely distressed sneakers, the brand wants you to buy empty potato chip bags because trash is apparently the hottest new accessory in town.

Balenciaga’s creative director Demna debuted the label’s bizarre collaboration with Frito Lay at Paris Fashion Week recently, with models walking down the runway clutching what seemed to be crumpled-up Lay’s chips bags in different flavours.

These luxury chip bags are known as ‘L.O.L Clutch’, presumably because that’s what we want to do when we see the whopping $1,500 price tag, and are made of premium quality leather. According to the brand, the leather has been treated to resemble a chip bag with a crumpled effect. It has a metallic silver lining and a zipper closure. The back of the clutch even has a nutrition label printed on it, but the front has the label’s name in place of the flavour name.

The ‘L.O.L Clutch’ will be available in four classic Lay’s flavours, including Classic, Flamin’ Hot, Limón, and Salt & Vinegar.

Demna claims that this collaboration is a result of his love for chips in general and has previously been spotted carrying a bag of Lay’s as an accessory before.

The response to the collaboration announcement has been predictably divisive. While a lot of people are here for the campiness of carrying an empty Lay’s bag as an accessory, some are questioning the exorbitant price tag for a bag of chips that doesn’t even contain any chips!

What do you think of the Balenciaga ‘L.O.L Clutch’?