AK-OK Fashion Collection© Getty Images

Anamika Khanna’s AK-OK Set A Grand Stage For LFW’s Mumbai Edition

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Anamika Khanna’s much-loved prét label, AK-OK Kicked off Lakmé Fashion Week, in partnership with the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI), like an absolute trooper. For the opening show, Khanna not only blessed us with some vibrant prints, butalso launched her much-awaited menswear collection. As we sat by the gorgeously whimsical Fountain Of Joy at the Jio World Convention Centre, with Kayan’s upbeat sounds setting the mood, the display of relaxed silhouettes, contrasting graphics and chic florals felt like a fresh breath of air.

Though unapologetically colourful, Khanna’s collection was peppered with some neutral, white pieces too that added a sense of calm amidst the riot of colours. With her accent pieces consisting of traditional shibori, tie-dyes, and some bohemian silhouettes along with a hint of denim, Khanna blended couture and streetwear to perfection. The addition of mogras or the ‘gajra’ was the highlight of the show. One could tell that Khanna was embracing her Indian roots and heritage and marrying them with separates with the utmost finesse.

Anamika Khanna’s Collection at Lakmé Fashion Week©Lakmé Fashion Week

Whether it was the trail of mogras that cascaded down from the baseball caps or a string of flowers falling out of cloth tote bags, the flowers played a unique and unforgettable role. Staying true to AK-OK’s quirky, floral aesthetic, Khanna also brought in a lot of personality, delivering a collection that is not only aimed towards young people but is catered to all age groups.

If last night’s show has proven anything, it’s that AK-OK has set the tone for this edition of fashion week with a spectacular show that was a true visual, and musical treat. And even though this is just the beginning, we’re looking forward to seeing some groundbreaking collections that are reminscent of the dynamic and constantly evolving Indian fashion-scape.