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Here’s How You Can Dress Like Your Favourite Taylor Swift Album

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Taylor Swift has had a great career with some of the best albums we have ever heard. Now that she’s gearing up for the release of her 10th album, we have noticed how each of her albums is so different from the others, especially when it comes to their aesthetic. From soft country style to some starry glam, TSwift has experimented in more ways than one could imagine. So, get ready to throw the ultimate Taylor Swift party and dress up like her albums. But first, don’t forget your red lipstick!

Taylor Swift (2006)

Swift’s first ever album, Taylor Swift is a soft country album that yelled romance and heartbreak. This album has a very vintage feel to it with a hint of edge, so that calls for some classic corsets and linen skirts to be added to your closet. If you want to make the look edgier, you can always opt for some classic boots to give you the perfect 2006 Taylor Swift vibe.

Fearless (2008)

Soft, romantic and country are exactly what Fearless is all about. So, bring out your cowboy boots and your prettiest summer dress that has a tint of sparkle as you listen to some of the greatest hits Ms Swift has ever created.

Speak Now (2010)

When you think of Speak Now, you will instantly be transported to a dreamy cottage in the woods. As you get ready for a perfect picnic date, opt for a flowy summer dress with tiny floral prints and ruffles to recreate the essential Speak Now vibe.

Red (2012)

Swift’s 2012 album Red was not only about stepping into pop but also about bringing in some bright vibrant colours into her closet, especially red. And since this album has a very prominent fall vibe, we recommend you experiment with turtlenecks, floral slip dresses and fleece jackets. Don’t forget to bring in some red with a pair of crimson suede boots.

1989 (2014)

The ultimate summer album of 2014, 1983 is all about embracing whites with some minimal colours and, of course, a black Panama hat! To recreate the 1983 vibe, think 4th of July but chic! Go for a cute white dress with minimalist and colour prints that are subtle and chic. Pair it with a headband or a hat and you are good to go!

Reputation (2017)

Entering Taylor Swift’s grudge era, Reputation completely changed the singer’s style. While we did see some revenge punk styles, there was still a hint of vintage. To recreate the Reputation era, bring out your coolest leather jacket, black combat boots, turtleneck top and a cute plaid skirt.

Lover (2019)

Much like the album’s name, Lover is all about romance, love and happiness. With pink being a very prominent colour, it’s only fair that we add the colour to our wardrobe! The best thing about pink is that there is nothing like ‘too much pink’, so don’t be shy, take a flow, pleated pink skirt and pair it with a muted pink top. Finish the look with an oversized white blazer and you have your perfect Lover look!

Folklore (2020)

Another soft, vintage core aesthetic that is slightly more on the darker, rustic side, Folklore showed us an alternative side to Taylor that was just impossible not to love. So, in true Folklore fashion, pick out your cosiest cardigan and pair it with a beige cropped top and straight-cut denim jeans for the ultimate look. If you want to add some colour, just throw on a pair of green boots.

Evermore (2020)

The chicer sister of Folklore, Evermore is more colourful while still sticking to the fall vibe. To match this album, you need to bring out your colourful cropped pullover and pair it with a pair of muted olive green paper bag pants. This is a vibrant outfit that is also very cosy and warm, just like Evermore.

Midnight (2022)

The final look from the album, Midnight is all about starry glam. So, elevate your simple white dress, with a pair of bedazzling stockings that scream elegant yet chic—it’s all you need.