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Yes, Queen Elizabeth II Had Strict Fashion Protocols

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Queen Elizabeth’s bold fashion choices have always stood out among the rest. From her brightly colour coordinated outfits to simple and natural nails, Her Majesty has laid down some major style rules that are very much followed in the royal household.

But here are the ones we find particularly interesting. From nude nails to no pants, the late royal always kept things classic.

Wearing Bright Monochromatic Looks

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Her Majesty always prefered to wear bright, vibrant colours for one major reason— so that she can be spotted from afar, especially when she’s in a large crowd. She also particularly enjoyed going for a head-to-toe monochromatic look that looked chic and coordinated.

Wearing Sheer Pantyhose

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While Her Majesty always preferred to wear sheer pantyhose, it’s definitely not a fashion protocol for other members of the royal family. Most other royals usually wore sheer pantyhose when they were around her as a sign of respect.

Carrying A Handbag On Her Left Arm

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Much like Her Majesty, it is common for most royals to carry a handbag on their left arm during greetings and public events. This habit is simply so that the royals are free to wave, greet the public, and shake hands with their right hand.

Carrying A Black Ensemble On Trips

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This one is followed by everyone: a black ensemble has to be packed in every royal family member’s suitcase when they’re travelling. This rule was implemented after the death of king George VI, when Her Majesty had gone to Kenya and the news of her father was delivered to her. When she arrived back in London, Queen Elizabeth had to wait for her black ensemble to be delivered to her.

Wearing Skirts Instead Of Trousers

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh And Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Leicester©Getty Images

Her Majesty preferred wearing skirts and dresses over trousers, because of which many royals like the Duchess Of Cambridge, Kate Middleton have often spotted wearing knee-length skirts and dresses themselves. Interestingly, Her Majesty only wore trousers when she went horse riding or for other rare occasions. Since wearing trousers is not prohibited, notable royals like Princess Diana and the former Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle, enjoyed wearing pantsuits at public events.

Wearing Nude Nail Polish

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Members of the royal family are often encouraged to keep their manicures simple by opting for light pastel colours or warm nude tones. Her Majesty herself was often seen with bare nails or sporting sheer nude nail colour that looked natural and classic.