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Brad Pitt’s New Fashion Philosophy Is YOLO

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

The latest adventure in Brad Pitt’s life is colour blocking and we’re here for it. The actor has been on an international tour to promote his upcoming film Bullet Train and has been experimenting with his red carpet looks.

For the Berlin premiere of the movie, Pitt ditched the usual uniform of a black and white tux (or a navy suit, if one is feeling adventurous) in favour of a brown linen skirt by designer Hans Nicholas Mott.

"Bullet Train" Red Carpet Screening In Berlin©Getty Images

The photos from the red carpet instantly went viral, along with the newfound discovery that Pitt has rhino and skull tattoos on his legs.

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"Bullet Train" UK Gala Screening - Arrivals©GettyImages

The red carpet fashion adventures continued as Pitt moved across countries, with him opting for a hunter green suit paired with slip-on sneakers for the London photocall and a peach linen suit in Paris.

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"Bullet Train" Photocall At Bateau L'Excellence, Port Debilly In Paris©Getty Images

When Pitt landed in Los Angeles for the American premiere of the movie, he didn’t disappoint. The actor wore a bright green linen suit over a teal polo shirt and gave us a new colour combination to try this season. Pitt paired this look with golden Adidas X Gucci low-top Gazelle sneakers.

Los Angeles Premiere Of Columbia Pictures' "Bullet Train" - Arrivals©Getty Images

Naturally, the question of the hour is, what has prompted the actor to be this experimental on the red carpet?

Pitt explained his new fashion (and life?) philosophy to Entertainment Tonight, saying, “I mean, we’re gonna die so let’s just have some fun before we get out.”

Was Brad Pitt going YOLO and wearing a skirt a part of your ‘2022 Bingo’ on what to expect?