New World Record With 24,679 Diamonds-Studded Ring© SWA Diamonds

Indian Jeweller Sets New World Record With 24,679 Diamonds-Studded Ring

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Kerala-based jewellers SWA Diamonds have broken the Guinness World Record for ‘most diamonds set in one ring’ with ‘The Touch of Ami’.

The mushroom-shaped ring has a whopping 24,679 natural diamonds set in it, making it eligible for breaking the record that was previously set by Meerut jeweller Harshit Bansal’s marigold-inspired ring that had 12,638 diamonds.

A brainchild of NID graduate Rijisha TV, the ring’s design was inspired by the pink oyster mushroom. The designer’s maiden project has put the jeweller on the map and, according to her, paved the way for more creative jewellery designers to set base in the state.

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The record-breaking ring took 90 days to craft and weighs 340 gms. Unsurprisingly, it costs the price of a small apartment with its INR 80 lakhs price tag.

SWA revealed that the ring was created using 3D printing to create a mould at first. The mould was filled with liquid gold, which was then cooled and filed into its final shape with 41 unique mushroom petals. Each diamond was then meticulously placed by hand on each side of the petals.

The ring was evaluated and scrutinised by experts under a microscope before being declared a record breaker.

While the ring is officially yet to be launched in the market, it’s evident that it’s going to make for a pretty remarkable heirloom one day.