Kylie Jenner© Getty Images

Kylie Jenner Makes A Case For ‘Free The Nipple’ Movement With Her ‘Naked’ Bikini

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

The Kylie Jenner-Kardashian clan are known to make questionable fashion choices, be it Kim’s overly-distressed pair of jeans or Kylie’s latest bikini with a major optical illusion.

The beauty mogul shared a photo of herself on her Instagram recently where she was seen wearing a ‘naked’ bikini from Jean Paul Gaultier’s collection in collaboration with Russian stylist Lotta Volkova.

The provocative swimwear comes with a print of an illusion of nakedness, making it seem like the wearer is actually topless. Jenner posted the selfie with the caption “free the nipple”, referring to the social media campaign that highlights the sexist convention of allowing men to appear topless in public but making it seem indecent and sexualising when women doing the same.

The reaction to Jenner’s Instagram was, predictably, polarising, with many expressing their shock at seeing the selfie and others cheering her on.

Aside from naked bikinis, the collection also offers bodysuits and dresses with the same illusion.

This can be added to Jenner’s growing list of strange but somehow cool outfits, right after the silver holographic one-piece and the fishnet bodysuit. The list obviously does not contain the disastrous 2022 Met Gala look that we will vow to never talk about this point forward.

What do you think of Kylie’s contribution to #FreeTheNipple?