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ICYMI: Beaded Jewellery From Y2K is Officially A Thing Again

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Hasina Khatib

For the longest time, ’90s-inspired chokers and hoops exerted their dominion over the trend charts and, by extension, your bijoux box. However, the onset of Y2K fashion is here to make its presence known, and it comes as little surprise that the trends of fore are being swapped in for sartorial staples from the era. For your wardrobe, this means an infusion of scarf tops, optical illusion prints and going-out tops, while for your jewellery box, this can translate into a pop takeover. Think colourful beads, charms and candy hues that will help you resurrect your inner child. What’s not to love?

Better With Beads: The Hottest Jewellery Trend This Summer Includes A Nostalgic Throwback

Pull out any romcom from the 2000s, and you’ll be greeted with the same picture: baby tees layered over low-rise denims and crystal-encrusted everything, from flip phone covers to hair barrettes. As we shake off the ghost of an unprecedented pandemic, it comes as little surprise that the world of fashion is gravitating towards the past again. There is something about resurrecting the fashion hallmarks of the decade that allows us to escape into the past and revive that child-like wonder again. At its crux, fashion is escapism and perhaps slipping on a few charm bracelets and pop-coloured rings is just what we need to go back into time to a simpler world of endless sleepovers.

Among other nostalgic favourites being reincarnated from the aughts, one trend has moved ahead of the pack to make its dominance known: beaded jewellery. Served in the form of DIY bracelets, chokers and friendship bracelets alike, the wide-eyed innocence of summer camp beads makes for an irresistible addition to any jewellery savant’s lineup.

Here’s a closer look at five ways to wear the trend for every occasion on your social calendar:

For The Beach: A Playful Necklace

For those in quest for a fuss-free finishing touch by the poolside, the search ends with a whimsical choker that can be paired with sarongs and cover-ups alike for a no-stress dress-up formula. Pretty selfies, guaranteed!

Add To Cart: Studio Love Letter Verona Necklace

Handcrafted with sterling silver and 18-karat gold vermeil, the label’s sustainability ethos is manifested in its commitment to using recycled plastic and glass for its creations. Founded by Anmol Vaswani, the lineup is designed to evoke the playfulness of a bygone era, making it a must-have for the modern-day island girl.

For Brunch With The Girls: A Cherry Choker

A love for all things kitschy is a must-have if you’re looking to dabble in Y2K jewellery, and it should come as no surprise that fruit-inspired motifs are enjoying their time in the trend spotlight again.

Add To Cart: The Sautoir Shop Cherry Choker

Liven up an all-white look with a pop of colour, courtesy this faux pearl chain punctuated with a cherry motif made with seed beads. Or lean into the Y2K whimsy by swapping the pearl string in favour of a rhinestone chain for some aughts-approved bling.

For Zoom Meetings In The AM: A Pastel Bracelet

Looking to add a dash of colour to your workwear wardrobe? A dainty bracelet doused in soothing pastel hues will help you make a statement in morning agenda meetings without standing out too much from the crowd.

Add To Cart: Hannan Jewelry Cotton Candy Bracelet

This carnival-inspired design offers up cotton candy resin beads in the most delicate hue of pink, flanked by freshwater pearls and 18-karat gold-plated finishing to make for a lasting addition to your little box of treasures.

For Movie Night: A Personalised Necklace

Those born during the aughts will have no trouble recalling the fervour for all things personalised, and name necklaces have been staking their territory with the return of the era’s fashion.

Add To Cart: STAC Fine Jewellery Beaded Opal Necklace, Libra

If you aren’t ready to buy into the whimsy of Y2K jewellery quite just yet, this homegrown label offers an elevated take on the trend with an elegant palette of handcrafted opal beads that can be further customised with 18-karat gold letters of your choice.