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Why Workout Clothes Could Be The Key To Achieving Your Fitness Goals

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Hasina Khatib

“Results or excuses? You choose,” says one intimidating quote, while another one implores you to be stronger than your strongest excuse. If the world of motivation posters is to be believed, the key to crushing all your fitness goals is as simple as getting off the couch and slinging kettlebells until dawn. But, as anyone who has ever wrestled with the snooze button on the weekend will know, getting yourself on to the exercise mat can often be the real exercise itself.

There is no dearth of reasons to not get off the couch where you’ve gotten cosy and a new episode of Selling Sunset beckons along with the takeout number for the nearest pizza chain. In comparison, the prospect of getting sweaty on a leisurely Sunday morning can seem like a lesser priority. But if you’ve been looking to maintain fidelity to your workout regimen, research says the secret lies not on the workout mat—but in your closet instead.

How Workout Clothes Can Help You Exercise

The world of athletic apparel is a constant tug-of-war between fashion and function: fast-dry technology and AI modelling compete for your attention with look-at-me neon hues and striking cutouts. But beyond helping you clock that all-important gym selfie, workout clothes could be helping you stay more motivated in the gym—or so research believes. The dress-to-impress adage holds true here, as a survey of 2,000 gym enthusiasts has discovered that 9 out of 10 people feel motivated to break a sweat by just putting on their workout clothes. Even before hitting the gym floor, 79 percent of the respondents acknowledged that getting good gym clothes is the first step toward accomplishing their fitness goals.

The science is straightforward: looking the part is half the battle won, as wearing the right clothes can give you a much-needed spurt of confidence to take to the exercise mat. “The results show that just putting on some workout clothes can greatly increase motivation. Confidence is half the battle, and having workout gear that highlights your hard work really helps motivate you to get your sweat on,” said Alex Hanson, co-founder of Barbell Apparel which conducted the survey. It comes as little surprise, then, that the mere act of putting on gym clothes is the second-highest motivation for people to return to the gym—the other reasons include seeing visible results, going with a partner, listening to a psych-up playlist and setting achievable goals.

The mental math behind why looking good helps us to keep returning to the gym works out in different ways. When you are looking and feeling like your most confident self, you are more likely to post a selfie or document your journey on social media—33 percent of the respondents confirm that telling others about their workout plans helps them stay more committed to their routine. The right clothes can even help you perform harder, as 80 percent of the top-performing respondents at the gym confirmed that they own good gym clothes and shoes.

How To Find Workout Clothes For Every Need

Whether you like your workout gear to perform like a machine or you wouldn’t mind a pop of bright hues to catch the eye of your gym crush, here’s a quick round-up of workout clothes for every need:

Bliss Club The Ultimate Comfort Sports Bra

Bliss Club The Ultimate Comfort Sports Bra©Bliss Club

If you are in the quest for a more inclusive approach to sizing, Bliss Club’s offering encompasses as many as eight different sizes, from XS to XXXL.

Kica Vista Pink Shorts

Kica Vista Pink Shorts©Kica Vista

Beyond a pop of retro hues to your wardrobe, these moisture-wicking shorts have been constructed with a four-way stretch fabric that moves with you.

Ochre Athletica Get Into It (Yuh) Tights In Ochre

Ochre Athletica Get Into It (Yuh) Tights In Ochre©Ochre Athletica

Designed for high-impact training, this pair of high-rise leggings has been designed with a body-contouring fit that moves when you do—oh, and they come with a pocket for storing your workout essentials.

Pace Active Moonscape Asymmetrical Bra

Pace Active Moonscape Asymmetrical Bra©Pace Active

Ensure all eyes on you with Pace Active’s ultra-stretchy gloss fabric, a breathable choice with sweat-wicking and anti-bacterial properties as well as an undeniable sheen that will help you stand out in the gym.

Silvertraq Plunge Bra Indigo Shibori

Silvertraq Plunge Bra Indigo Shibori©Silvertaq

Add a dash of colour to your day with Silvertraq’s streetwear-inspired tie-dye print as well as thoughtful finishing touches, such as anti-chafing seams and heat-sealed labels for maximum comfort.