Manish Malhotra’s Lakmé Fashion Week Collection© Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra’s LFW 2022 Showcase Is All About Making Fashion Accessible

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

“After 16 years in couture, it was time to expand my horizon to an already existing audience that needed to be brought into the fold of my fashion,” says designer Manish Malhotra, who is all set to showcase his ‘ease to couture’ offering in the form of his collection ‘Diffuse’.

The designer lists the “Instagram generation” as one of his top inspirations for the decision to make a bridge line, adding that the new collection would offer diverse price points to make it more accessible to the young demographic he’s targeting.

Aside from venturing into this new category, the designer is also excited about taking part in an actual physical showcase, as opposed to the ‘Phygital’ hybrid events of the past couple of years. “It’s always great to be back on the runway and run the show behind the scenes. The energies are always high in a live show and I love that atmosphere,” he says. However, the pause offered by the pandemic allowed him to take a step back and introspect, “I can never let go of my aesthetics as it witnesses its existence in every weave,” he says, “But the pandemic did make me sit back and introspect today’s constant stream of fluctuating trends. If it’s not new, it’s boring.”

But he’s all recharged and ready to introduce ‘Diffuse’ to the world now and adds that, “It’s a spectrum of new fashion, fun, talent, influence, upbeat music, visuals, and a lot of my signature glamour.”

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