Aesthetic Collection at Lakmé Fashion Week 2022© Outhouse

Here’s How Jennifer Lopez And Christina Aguilera Inspired Outhouse’s Upcoming Y2K Aesthetic Collection At LFW 2022

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

“Being a teenager in the early 2000’s most of our style inspirations came from the divas of this era. We were in awe of the style and aesthetics of Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera,” says Sasha Grewal, one half of the sister duo who founded Delhi-based accessory label Outhouse, as we catch up with them on the eve of their showcase at Lakmé Fashion Week 2022, “The fashion back then was a perfect interpretation of street style while being hyper glamorized with bedazzled motifs. The emphasis on fashion in the early 2000’s was particularly on accessorizing and oftentimes the key focus of any outfit. Through this collection we aim to revive the accessory revolution of this era.”

In their own words, the collection, titled OH Dopamine, “Encapsulates the very essence of the Y2K era, the collection brings forth a deeply rooted sense of nostalgia with a classic re-curation that takes us on a trip down the memory lane, evoking a powerful feeling of joyful glamour and self-expression.”

According to the founders, the celebration of individuality in the early 2000s and the aforementioned pop divas is what appealed to them about adapting the Y2K aesthetic for their upcoming collection, “Styles from this era were iconic because of the stories they told and how each piece no matter how diverse and different from one another, would come together to create a symphonic mélange of the story of the wearer.” They also add that their own fond memories of bucket bags, shimmery dresses, and low-rise jeans, is what inspired the collection.

Sneak Peek of Outhouse LFW 2022 collection©Outhouse

This edition of fashion week also marks the return of the physical form of the event post-pandemic. The sisters acknowledge how much the pandemic has affected the world around them and their design philosophy. “Staying at home has forced us to reminisce about the good old days where nostalgia has been a sort of therapy for everyone in the past two years. Through this collection we are paying homage to the early 2000’s but most importantly we want to reignite the familiarity of nostalgia and the comfort that comes with it.

Incorporating nostalgia into our designs has allowed us to revisit the days where we were carefree.”

Glimpse at Outhouse's LFW 2022 collection©Outhouse

Along with a healthy dose of nostalgia, you can expect some on trend statement accessories from the brand with this collection, “This collection is a melting pot of motifs and styles from the 2000’s amalgamated with Gen-Z sensibilities. The collection will showcase a new range of iconic bags, the OH DNA Bags. Featuring adaptable belts that define the bags with a functional design, the opus wears the opulent monogram of the brand in innovative forms making waves of statements. Outhouse delves further into the realm of handbags as it explores the Iconic Petite Disco silhouette intertwined with the new OH DNA Print, a quintessence of the House’s edition of the Y2K era. The pieces of this collection stay true to the early aughts with intricate details enhanced in crystals, silver, rhinestones, pearls, beads, upbeat enamel, feathers, and fringes. With a vivid interplay of diverse materials, the collection also introduces the new Outhouse logo.”

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