Designer Ujjawal Dubey & Antar Agni’s upcoming collection© Antar Agni

How A Moth Inspired Designer Ujjawal Dubey, Of Antar Agni, To Create His Upcoming Collection At LFW 2022

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

One of the first names that come to mind when talking about the ‘anti-fit fashion’ movement in India, is designer Ujjawal Dubey’s Antar Agni. Ever since his launch in 2014 with Lakme’s Gen-Next platform, Dubey has championed locally-sourced fabrics and techniques and created a name for himself as one of the country’s most eco-conscious designers. The Delhi-based designer, however, doesn’t put much store by any labels. “My focus is to make clothes that add to one’s personality and makes them stand out.”

He carries this philosophy through his upcoming collection, to be showcased at Lakmé Fashion Week 2022, called ‘Flutter’. “The collection focuses on colours that play a major role in synchronising with layers of fluid fabrics bathed in hues of burnt orange, mud green, ivories and black. The combination is a stellar mix of fluidity coupled with a sharpness to continue the story of the paradoxes of minimalism and maximalism that creates magic together. We are also very excited with the use of colour play and hope to bring in a new language to Antar Agni that people can resonate with,” says the designer.

Sketches from Antar Agni's upcoming collection at LFW 2022©Antar Agni

But why a moth? “For this collection, I was inspired by the structure of the moth. Once you see the collection you will see a subtle play of graphic embroideries blended with the abstract placement of layers and patterns. A wave of transition unfolds as these elements of design transform,” explains Dubey, “Just like the moth, this collection seeks evolution by spreading the wings of our inner self.”

He continues, “The pandemic has made us question our existing priorities. This has been for the whole of humanity to question the set norms. It was a period of self-reflection that has led me to de-clutter my mind and has, in a way, liberated me as well. This collection is the reflection of this liberation, as the moth is a perfect symbol for that.”

We can’t wait to see what ‘Flutter’ has in store for us at LFW 2022!