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Sara Ali Khan, Kriti Sanon, And More Show You How To Find The Perfect Little Black Dress

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Hasina Khatib

“One is never overdressed or underdressed in a little black dress,” or so goes the popular adage by Karl Lagerfeld. Down the pages of fashion history, the classic LBD has enjoyed elevated status, patronised by celebrities and everyday women alike. However, finding the right one for your style can involve a little more than just opting for the first black number you come across.

Celebrities Little Black Dress

When in doubt, it helps to look to celebrities for inspiration, which is why we have put together an easy-to-follow guide for finding the right LBD for your personality.

If You Love Classics

For those who love sticking to a tried-and-tested formula, a classic black bodycon is a no-brainer. No frills, no embellishments needed, just the ability to stand tall and carry off what you’re wearing with effortless ease, à laAlaya F. The young star’s strappy number came with a thigh-high slit that will keep things from getting dull and a pair of classic gold heels as the perfect finishing touch.

If You Aren’t Averse To A Peekaboo Cutout

Once you have gotten used to the classics and are looking to level up, it helps to take notes from Kiara Advani’s velvet number. While the oversized sleeves with celestial motifs make for a pretty picture, it is the twin cutouts on either side of the waist that seal the deal on an outfit for a night to remember.

If Bling Is Your Thing

On those nights when you’re looking to make heads turn your way, look no further than Kriti Sanon’s beaded mini. The head-to-toe bling number requires little by way of embellishment, so follow her lead and keep the styling to a minimum. A pair of gold earrings and sky-high heels will ensure that you are ready to roll out the front door and onto whatever adventures the night may bring.

If You’re Looking To Tone Down The Bling

Or perhaps you are looking to temper the bling factor? In which case, allow Shanaya Kapoor to move to the forefront of your moodboard. While a sequinned LBD is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe, her strappy number can be easily layered under a statement-making piece of outerwear. The young starlet has given her nod of approval to faux fur jackets, but a leather iteration will get the job done just as well.

If You’re Looking To Go Bold Or Go Home

And then there are those nights when you are ready to make a grand entrance. But if you thought your only option was to opt for all-glitter everything, Sara Ali Khan is willing to make you reconsider. Instead of piling on the bling, the star recommends reaching for an unconventional silhouette instead. The easiest way to make a bodycon number stand out from the crowd is by opting for exaggerated sleeves like hers—bonus points for a swept-back hairdo that allows the dramatic silhouette its time in the spotlight.