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How To Shop For Fashion Brands That Support The Same Causes That You Do

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There was a time when climate change was considered a myth, but we now know that the threat being posed to the planet is very real—and we are complicit in the problem through the environmental footprint of our fashion purchases. The silver lining, however, is that a host of conscious brands are now working on tackling different aspects of environmental concerns as well as social welfare to create a better planet for everyone. If you are looking to make your purchases count, here are the ethical brands to bookmark:

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If you are looking to go green

There is no denying the environmental footprint of our purchases, but Alia Bhatt’s brainchild Ed-A-Mamma is working towards making the planet greener by encouraging the planting of saplings. If you are looking for clothes for your little ones or a beloved niece or nephew, every purchase you make from the brand will be accompanied by a complimentary seed ball to inculcate love for the environment in children from a young age.

If you want a better alternative for factory waste

With landfills overflowing around the world, the pollution caused by leftover textiles cannot be ignored. Doodlage has been working on reversing the damage by actively seeking out factory waste that is then upcycled into limited-edition collections. The label’s own waste is recycled into accessories, furnishings and packaging to ensure minimal impact on the planet.

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If you’re looking to boost secondhand fashion

The only way to counter the use-and-dispose nature of fast fashion is to encourage the development of a circular economy, and The Cause Wear has been making efforts towards the same by developing a thrift platform that donates 100% of its proceeds towards charitable causes. Choosing to move beyond the short-term impact of making monetary donations, the label’s endeavour is to work on long-term upliftment through food, education and work opportunities.

If you’re conscious of your carbon footprint

…then look no further than No Nasties, an eco-conscious label with a planet-first approach that removes more CO2 from the air than it creates during the manufacturing and shipping process. After accounting for its carbon footprint across farming, factory, transportation and the product’s lifecycle, the label then works on undoing the damage through carbon offsets—the practice of investing in environmental projects around the world to balance carbon footprint.

If you are passionate about children’s education

Children are the future of our world, and if you are looking to invest in ensuring a better tomorrow for them, it helps to turn your attention towards MoonRay, a new label launched by Karishma Swali—one half of JADE by Karishma & Monica—and her teenaged daughter, Avantika. The latter has been advocating for the welfare of underprivileged communities for years, and the new label has pledged to donate 50 percent of all proceeds towards children’s education through not-for-profit organisations.