Timmy Narang On His Entrepreneurial, Fitness And Success Mantras

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Chaiti Narula

Timmy or Rohit Narang is a social darling of Mumbai. As one of his sisters-in-law puts it, “he knows everyone from Mumbai to Timbaktoo!”

For someone who’s so outwardly a socialite, he is actually a total workaholic who has worked aggressively to build his chain of restaurants across the country. He is an entrepreneur with a vision, who is now set to bring in Landour Bakehouse to Mumbai and recreate the Mussoorie vibe. “Sanjay (Narang), my cousin, is my mentor!” he exclaims as I sip on a mocktail and he refuses to touch his, thanks to the sugar content. His older cousin means the world to him and he attributes his success as an entrepreneur to him. Not to forget, the rigorous discipline he follows to get his success mantra right.

The man has not missed a single workout in his entire life except when his back gave out. He does not consume sugar. “I have never touched a gulab jamun in my life!” he says. His life is disciplined. He wakes up at 5.30am in the morning, goes for a workout, then heads to work and after coming back, prefers to sleeps early. So, how does he party and know practically everyone in the city and outside? “I have a dedicated evening of socialising over the weekend, when I step out,” he says, while adding how that is the way he balances his life out.

A lot is not known about Timmy Narang except his amicable, highly social and warm personality. Watch this week’s episode of The Clique to know more about the highly health-conscious entrepreneur

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