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EXCLUSIVE: Chris Evans & Ana de Armas Talk About ‘Ghosted’

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Puja Talwar

Who would ever think of ghosting Chris Evans, right? Turns out, that can happen and it does in Evans and Ana De Armas’ upcoming film!

Filmmaker Dexter Fletcher is bringing back the amazing duo from Knives Out for a trippy role reversal in the action-adventure romantic comedy Ghosted.

An unassuming and laid-back farmer Cole Turner (Evans) falls head over heels for the enigmatic Sadie (de Armas). Unbeknownst to him, Sadie’s whirlwind trips around the world are not to collect art but to nab miscreants playing havoc with world affairs because she is, wait for it, a badass secret agent.

The actors, who are collaborating for the third time after Knives Out and The Gray Man, sat down for an exclusive chat with HELLO! ahead of the movie’s release.

Evans, who remains etched in our collective memory as the superhero Captain America, says he is well aware of audience expectations when it comes to his screen outings. “I tipped the expectation with this one. It is nice to subvert those expectations. You play certain roles for so long, but it’s nice to play someone, I hate to admit but, who is probably closer to who I am. Like Cole, I would, well, panic in these situations as well.”

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The actor, who is also credited as an executive producer for the film, says the process of playing regular and relatable characters like Cole Turner, a man who needs saving rather than being the saviour, was what drew him in the first place.

“I love being able to play human characters, someone who would react in a more authentic fashion than someone who is saving the day. Not only is it fun as an actor to be a little more incapable, but the workload is fantastic. We came to work every day and poor Ana was doing these unbelievable stunts from 100 different angles and I am sitting in the corner, just waiting to get panicked, it was great and really relaxing,” he says with a laugh.

The Oscar-nominated star of Blondie, de Armas, stepped in to play Sadie after Scarlett Johansson exited the project. The actor who also shares producer credits with Evans, says, “I loved the premise, even though I have done some action before, the tone of this one felt lighter. It gave me the opportunity to have more fun with it and not take it too seriously. Although it was challenging, and Chris is not easy to save, because he is talking all the time and not listening at all!”, she says with a laugh.

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No stranger to dodging bullets and pulling stunts, the No Time To Die actress further adds, “Despite the craziness of the movie and moments, it is very grounded and has a big heart underneath. It is a combination of everything, from action to romance to comedy.”

Though Evans confesses he has never ghosted anyone and lacks the courage to do it, his co-star de Armas is forthcoming as she gleefully reveals, “Of course, I have ghosted people. Give the hotel phone number and say, we are expecting calls!”

Fletcher, who is known for directing the critically-acclaimed Rocketman and Sherlock Holmes 3, says it was the spontaneity between the two actors that made his job easy.

“I was initially sceptical about Evans who has played roles like Captain America. But I forgot all that and as we discussed our favourite romantic movies, we decided to model Cole Turner on Kathleen Turner from Romancing The Stone. Ana and Chris have worked together and it is the first time they have been paired romantically as well.”

Talking about romance, it would have been remiss to not quiz the filmmaker on what he thinks of Bollywood romances. Fletcher reveals he is a fan of Karan Johar’s Kal Ho Naa Ho and when asked if he would ever direct a Bollywood Film, he immediately responded saying, “Kal Ho Naa Ho, Part 2! I would love to do it. I love the film and those actors!”

Ghosted will premiere on Apple TV+ on April 21.