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PV Sindhu On Dealing With The Pressures Of Being A Role Model

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Olympian PV Sindhu is not a stranger to making India proud on the world stage. Here, the badminton player talks to HELLO! About the pressures of being a role model, the growing recognition of South Indian talent and more…

HELLO!: Congratulations on being given our first ‘Sports Personality of the Year’ award!

PV Sindhu: “It feels great! Awards like these give me a lot of confidence and make me realise that a lot of people are watching and looking to me for inspiration. Being recognised and given this award means a lot. So thank you!”

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H!: How do you feel knowing that millions look up to you? Do you feel the pressure?

PVS: “That sense of responsibility and pressure will always be there, but you have to know how to deal with it. There’s always going to be losses among wins, but that’s how you go through and come up in life. I know that when I walk onto a court, it’s just me and I have to give it my best no matter what.”

H!: Do you believe women in sports get the kind of support they deserve today?

PVS: “Yes! Thankfully, I’ve never faced any such hurdle. The Badminton Association and Sports Authority of India have always been supportive. Today, a lot of women are coming forward, proving themselves and doing really well for themselves in every field. I’m proud to say that we are strong and can face anything and everything.”

H!: The spotlight now seems to have moved to talent from South India. Do you agree?

PVS: “It’s great to see a lot of people from South India doing incredibly well — and I’m one of them (laughs)! Today, getting an award in front of such amazing personalities was extremely special.”