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Everything That Went Down During Jungkook’s Surprise Live Stream

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

One of the biggest reasons why no other band even comes close to BTS is the special relationship they share with their fans, AKA ARMYs. The group keeps their fans abreast of what’s going on in their lives through posts on Instagram and frequent Live sessions on Weverse, their fan platform.

Each member has their own unique style of doing these Live sessions, with some choosing to chat with their fans while eating and some, like the youngest member Jungkook, choosing to perform mini-concerts while in their pyjamas.

ARMYs around the world were treated to the latter around midnight recently when Jungkook decided to surprise them with a Live chat. After months of being absent from the public eye, the ‘Dreamers’ singer decided to do an impromptu session on WeLive. He even admitted that the company, Hybe, had no idea he was doing this live stream, as is the norm.

The 25-year-old was dressed down in a basic black tee and sweats but made the millions of ARMYs who had tuned in swoon with his long hair and stunning tattoo sleeve.

The singer kept jumping from Weverse Live to Instagram, where he was also joined by fellow BTS member V, or Kim Taehyung.

At one point, BTS leader RM, or Kim Namjoon, also joined in the fun by leaving messages for Jungkook in the comment section of the live stream. The rapper admitted that he was “a bit drunk” and asked Jungkook to call him before asking the singer to marry him. The singer’s adorable pet dog Bam also made an appearance.

It’s safe to say that ARMYs did not have a peaceful night after that.

Here’s everything that went down during Jungkook’s surprise live stream with fans…

Tattoo Tour

For the longest time, Jungkook’s tattoos were kept hidden from the world majorly because of the unsaid requirement for Korean idols to present a more conservative image onscreen. However, the singer and the group’s parent company had started revealing more and more of the stunning tattoo sleeve that the singer had began to build over the years.

During the live session, Jungkook showed off his tattoos properly for the first time and broke down the meaning behind some of them. “ARMY is such a strong and supportive existence to me so I wanted this tattoo somewhere visible,” he said, pointing to the words across his knuckles. The singer also revealed that the clock tattooed on his arm indicated the time of his birth and the fact that it is linked to a microphone means that he was born to sing.

No signs of JK1 yet

Ever since the band announced a temporary break from group activities, many members have taken to working on their solo projects. Members J-Hope and RM have even released full-length studio albums. While Jungkook has worked on singles like ‘Left and Right’ (with Charlie Puth) and the FIFA 2023 World Cup anthem ‘Dreamers’, fans have been eagerly waiting for his first solo album. But it turns out we’ll have to wait a little more because the singer is not planning on releasing it any time soon. During the live stream, he said that he hasn’t been working on the album but he is aware that it’s highly anticipated.

His love for RM

If ARMYs know one thing it’s that BTS deserves the world and Jungkook joined the group because of the leader RM. The singer has never been shy about expressing his admiration for the rapper over the years and has admitted, on many occasions, that he wouldn’t have joined Big Hit if it hadn’t been for RM.

Jungkook reiterated this much-loved fact again during the live stream and said he couldn’t imagine a life where he hadn’t followed RM into BTS. The rapper, in turn, flooded the live stream’s comment section with adorable messages for Jungkook, including proposing marriage to him.

His unparalleled talent

With the staggering amount of records, the group breaks every single time with their music, it’s not a surprise that each member is extremely talented.

However, Jungkook proved his ‘golden maknae’ credentials yesterday as he belted out several popular songs during the live session and made it sound like he was performing for millions in a stadium concert as opposed to performing for millions in his living room while wearing his pyjamas.

Jungkook performed songs like ‘Wildflower’ and ‘Still Life’ from RM’s album Indigo, Epik High’s ‘Airbag’, Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ ‘Unholy’, TXT’s ‘0X1=Lovesong (I Know I Love You)’, and many more.

He loves ARMYs

If the special tattoo and impromptu concert in the middle of the night isn’t an indication of his love for ARMYs, we don’t know what is!