Jackson Wang with Hrithik Roshan and his family© Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang Hung Out With These Bollywood Stars In Mumbai

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Was Jackson Wang hanging out with Hrithik Roshan in your 2023 bingo? Whether it was or not, it was incredible to see the two superstars pictured together during Wang’s recent trip to India.

The Got7 member was in Mumbai to perform at the Lollapalooza festival and stayed back an extra day to explore the city, and, as it looks like, spend time with some Bollywood celebrities too!

Wang shared a series of photos to his Instagram from his adventures around Mumbai with the caption, “#MAGICMAN in Lollapalooza India 2023 Always wanted to visit. Finally.. Such an amazing experience with all of u since the moment at the airport to seeing u all to the show to new friends to the experience of the culture. Such an honor. Very blessed.I hope I get to come back more often. (sic)”

The photos also included a picture of the singer with the War actor and his parents at their Mumbai residence.

The ‘100 Ways’ singer was also seen frolicking around the city with self-confessed K-pop fanatic Disha Patani.

The two were seen riding a horse-drawn carriage and having a blast as they explored Mumbai together.

During his set at the music festival, the singer claimed to be a big fan of Bollywood. “I still can’t believe I am in India. I wish I could stay longer. I wish I could come more often. I am a big fan of Bollywood. For people who don’t know who I am, I am Jackson Wang… Had an album called Magic Man, talking about the ups and downs in life I went through, just like everybody else. Every single day we go through sh*t so. I think it’s important to help yourself more, to understand yourself more. Because everyone’s standard of happiness is different.”

Which other K-pop star do you wish would visit India soon?