Greta Thunberg© GettyImages

Greta Thunberg Destroyed Andrew Tate With A Simple Tweet

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

ICYMI, Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg clap backed at Andrew Tate when he decided to start a beef with her without any provocation.

Tate, who is widely known to be one of the vilest, most racist, and misogynistic people online, Tweeted at Thunberg, trying to flex the number of cars and their carbon footprint on the 19-year-old.

After listing down some of his cars and their respective emissions, Tate asked Thunberg to share her email id so that he can send her the complete list of cars he owns to her for no apparent reason other than him being the absolute worst.

While it’s usually never wise to engage with fools online, Thunberg decided to make an exception and send a reply to Tate’s Tweet which, in our opinion, deserves a place in the Hall of Fame of ‘Tweets That Absolutely Slap’, if there happens to be any.

Thunberg’s smart and concise shutdown of Tate immediately garnered millions of likes and support from people around the world. But Tate decided to have the last word and ended up somehow making himself look more like a fool than he already was.

He Tweeted one of the weakest replies in the history of Twitter replies that would embarrass even a kindergartener. He also shared a video along with the Tweet in which he could be seen smoking a cigar and requesting his pizza boxes to not be recycled. He also blamed the popularity of Thunberg’s hilarious clap back on bots.

What makes the whole thing even funnier is that Tate’s entire online persona is based on archaic notions of hyper-masculinity. Does getting into a beef with a 19-year-old who is minding her own business and trying to make the world a better place count as being an ‘alpha male’? We guess that’s just something Tate and his followers would know.

What do you think of this one-sided Internet fight?