Julia Roberts’ Gown With George Clooney’s Face© Moschino

Julia Roberts’ Gown Was Plastered With George Clooney’s Face

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

If we needed any more proof that Julia Roberts and George Clooney are the literal embodiments of all the #BFFGoals Tumblr posts of the 2010s, then Roberts’ outfit at the Kennedy Center Honors event recently quelled any doubts.

The Pretty Woman actress wore a custom-made Moschino gown that was covered with Clooney’s face. The black gown had photos of the actor over the years, each surrounded by a gold frame.

This head-turning outfit, designed by Moschino’s creative director Jeremy Scott, was Roberts’ tongue-in-cheek way of giving tribute to Clooney who was being honoured at the event.

The actress paired the campy gown with a cropped Moschino jacket and Chopard hoops.

The two actors recently starred together in the romantic comedyTicket to Paradise and reminded everyone of their enduring friendship that spans 22 years.

Roberts and Clooney became friends in 2000 when they were paired together in Ocean’s Eleven. Since then, the two have collaborated on many projects both as co-actors and producers.

Julia Roberts and George Clooney©Getty Images

In an interview, Roberts said that the two bonded over their “similar approach to life”. Clooney agreed and said, “We enjoy the same things. We love the work, but we don’t make the work our entire life It makes going to work really fun. It’s very easy for us.”

He also said, “Listen, the thing about Julia, one of the many great qualities, is she is consistent in her loyalty and in her friendship and in her kindness.”

Roberts has also revealed that their friendship grew stronger when Clooney looked after her when she was pregnant with twins in 2004. She also claimed that she had been giving him marriage and parenting advice. Amal Clooney recently shared that their kids call Roberts ‘Aunty JuJu’.

If that’s not the most adorable thing we’ve heard in a while then we don’t know what is!