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Are Priyanka Chopra, Malala Yousufzai, & Hasan Minhaj Actually Fighting Online?

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

If someone had told us that Pakistani activist Malala Yousufzai and actress Priyanka Chopra would be getting into a public feud against comedian Hasan Minhaj over a few jokes, we’d have checked your sobriety levels. Turns out, 2022 is that year and the PC+Malala vs Minhaj feud is very real.

The ‘fight’ has been playing out on Instagram for the world to see and it apparently started with the comedian’s recent Netflix special The King’s Jester, where he made some jokes about the two women. Here’s a quick explainer on the Internet drama nobody expected to witness ever…

What happened between Priyanka Chopra, Malala, and Hasan Minhaj?

In The King’s Jester, Minhaj joked that Malala follows him on Instagram and he doesn’t follow her back because he is petty like that. He also said that Chopra’s marriage to Nick Jonas was obviously fake because “nobody marries Nick Jonas unironically”.

Later, Malala took to Instagram to put up a poll, asking her followers whether she should unfollow Minhaj or not. A majority of votes went to the option ‘Who is this man?’, leading the activist to unfollow him. The comedian posted a video on the platform, captioned “Okay, it’s gettin’ outta hand! (sic)”, where he summarised the events that had led to Malala unfollowing him and apologised to her and requested her to follow him on Instagram. He ended the video by saying that he might still not follow her back because he is that petty.

Malala shared the reel on her Stories and wrote “Thanks to everyone who sent me this video because I no longer follow this man.”

Malala Yousufzai©Malala Yousufzai

This is when PC jumped in and shared that she, too, wasn’t following Minhaj. The actress shared a screenshot of Minhaj’s profile which clearly indicated that he is following her but she’d not following him back. She wrote, “Same girl same (sic). Guess he prefers petty over funny.”

Priyanka Chopra©Priyanka Chopra

Are they really fighting or are we just collectively losing it?

With everything that is going on in the world, it won’t be far-fetched to assume that we’ve succumbed to collective insanity as nothing makes sense anymore. But is it really true that our favourite people online are not actually fighting with each other? All signs point towards this being a publicity stunt for another Netflix special or some upcoming news from the celebrities.

Let’s hope that’s true and the ‘beef’ is actually fake news!