Shah Rukh Khan and his Kids© Shah Rukh Khan, Getty Images

SRK Is Displaying Peak Dad Behaviour & We’re Here For It

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

It’s the age of Shah Rukh Khan’s renaissance and, so far, it’s been a ball. We got to witness him as a sort of superhero in Brahmastra recently and are going to see him kicking a*s and taking names in, not one but, two full-blown action movies.

But if there is one role that he’s acing at the moment, it’s being the coolest/dorkiest dad on the Internet. And we love it.

The actor has always done an admirable job of keeping his children out of the limelight as much as he could, given the fact that he is the country’s biggest superstar.

Shah Rukh Khan with Family©Getty Images

Suhana Khan is at the precipice of making her Bollywood debut with Zoya Khan’s The Archies and his son Aryan Khan has started working on his public persona, including shooting for brand campaigns, lending his voice for animated movies, and representing his dad at the last IPL auctions.

The two star kids’ emergence as public figures in their own rights has also allowed SRK to unleash the ‘Dad on the Internet’ side, a case in point is his recent Tweets and the comments he’s been leaving on his kids’ Instagram posts. His selfies on Instagram, gone through multiple layers of filters, should have been indicative of the next stage of his complete Internet Dad-ification. There were signs all along and we should have been prepared. He even used nonsensical hashtags, you guys!

The actor shared the announcement for Suhana’s movie with a heartfelt message wishing her good luck on the beginning of her new journey. He even wrote a small letter addressed to her, giving her his best advice as an actor (he even signed it as ‘Another Actor’).

Not just this, the actor pulled a David Beckham and decided to embarrass Aryan in the comments of one of his recent posts from a photoshoot by pointing out that the shirt he is wearing actually belongs to him (SRK that is!)

To his credit, Aryan Khan countered with a witty comment of his own, writing “your genes and t-shirt haha”.

Screenshot of Aryan Khan's Instagram comment©Aryan Khan

Later, SRK took to Twitter to point out the similarities between Aryan’s pose in the photoshoot and one from his movie Main Hoon Na.

And who can forget the iconic comment on the picture Aryan shared on his Instagram with his other two siblings. Peak. Dad.

SRK comment©Aryan Khan

In previous interviews, the actor has mentioned how he feels he has built a friendship with each of his children and this makes him love them even more.

His youngest son, AbRam, is a regular feature on his Instagram and often accompanies him as he steps out on his roof to greet the thousands of fans gathered outside his home.

So it’s not surprising that he has also been the target of SRK’s peak dad philosophical thoughts (you know exactly the ones we’re talking about. If not, check your family WhatsApp group right now). The actor shares collages of photos of the two of them accompanied with deep, introspective captions in a way only dads can pull off.

See what we mean?

We’re pretty sure Dad SRK is just starting and will bloom into something even more adorkable from here on now. And if these comments are anythign to go by, we can’t wait to see more!